How to Throw an Unforgettable Casino Card Night Themed Party

inviteEnjoying a high-roller Las Vegas experience filled with an unlimited supply of drinks, food, casino gaming, and glitz & glamour of shows is one of greatest indulgences of life. But here’s the thing: not everyone likes to shed helluva lots of cash to experience such a kick of adrenaline and fun.

Your next bet would certainly be a sizzling Casino Card Night themed party – that is, if it’s done rightly. Here are nuggets of ideas and tips to help you nail every aspect of your casino card night themed party.

Bring in a Real Dealer

That’s right; don’t let your bloke Jack deal the blackjack or poker. That’s a big no-no. Instead, check out local listings online. If you live in a big city like Sydney, you will definitely find a good hire on short notice. And the best part: hiring temp dealers will not break your bank.

casino balloonSpruce your Party with Balloons

Get some latex and foil balloons in the fabulous shapes of clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts set up the mood in your casino style game night. After all, this is a party — not the tense Las Vegas tables. Trust me: balloon will certainly take your party from a drab to fab in no time.

Get Your Decorations and Casino Themed Party Accessories Online

A range of casino themed party supplies such as cut outs, scene setters, poker chip sets, dies, and curtains are a click away. Once you have found the perfect vendor, you can easily save oodles of cash (well, you will need some money for the game night, won’t you?)

Rent Equipment

If you are looking to set up a genuine Vegas-style party, you may want to rent the real deal. There some firms within most Australian major cities that rent out fabulous casino equipment. The good thing is that essentials like poker and blackjack tables are unexpectedly inexpensive.

tiara featherCreate Your Guest List Well Ahead

The last thing you want is to have many party-goers crammed in a tiny space. You don’t want it to turn into an illegal Asian dog fight, do you? So create your guest list at least a fortnight; it will make your budgeting and venue planning a breeze.

Come up With a Dress Code

You may want your guests and dealers to attend the party with the right outfits. Here, think of armbands, braces, dealer visors, and bowties bling.

Wrap-Up: These are just but a few tips on how to throw a fun-filled and memorable casino card night themed party. You need to nail every detail, from decorations, drinks and equipment to dress code and everything in between.

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