Retro Ways to Bring Fun to a Corporate Christmas Party

image001Planning a corporate Christmas party is never without a challenge. The event falls on a season when most people are looking forward to get out of the work place and run off with family or friends to some far away holiday destinations. If you’re tasked to plan this year’s office Christmas party, you’ll definitely want to make it as appealing as possible to make co-employees change their original plan and attend the party instead.

However, you may be torn between creating an appealing theme for the party and at the same time keep down the costs – a common goal observed in most corporate events nowadays. It will be a hard act to accomplish in terms of achieving the balance between frugality and frivolity, simplicity and playfulness. Perhaps the best way to scale down party expenses is to have “Retro” as a theme to bring into the present all that will remind you of the past when everything can be had cheaply. However, even if the overall objective of the theme is to cut on cost, it doesn’t mean being thrifty when it comes to the fun element.

Step back in time and have fun as you hark back to the golden era rich in traditions and memories.

Venue: A cardinal rule in planning a corporate Christmas party is not to hold it inimage003 the work area. Nevertheless, since you’re on cost-cutting measure, it’s definitely acceptable to have the party within the compound – preferably in an open area, like the parking lot. Outfit the entire area with lots of retro memorabilia – vintage records, peace signs, Hippie yard signs, kaleidoscopes, and disco balls to provide flashing, funky lights all over the place. Cover the tables with Hippie tye dyed tablewear to recreate the very psychedelic theme of the ‘60s. Hang latex and foil balloons with peace, love and flower designs to let everyone feel they are living during the time of their grandparents.

image004Costume: It will not be difficult to find an outfit for the theme. All you need to do is ransack your parents’ closet to rummage for vintage clothes that used to be a fashion hit from the ‘50s to the ‘70s. On the other hand, you’ll not be spending that much if you decide to choose a groovy or hippie costume from an online party supplier. Investing on a little amount may end you up as the sassiest in the party for wearing a gorgeous flowery Woodstock dress. Accessorize the look with a set of shiny silvery earrings and peace sign necklace. Consider giving out Lennon type colored eye glasses for everyone to feel they belong to the flower-power generation.

Food: Match the menu with the theme by serving simple, nostalgic throwback dishes. Line up the buffet table with the following retro party food:

  • Finger foods: crackers and caramelized onion dip, mini beef wellington,image006 oysters Rockefeller, cocktail sausages, fig rolls, fish paste sandwiches, cheese fondue with crudité, shrimp cocktail
  • Desserts: vintage candy bars, tutti frutti ice cream, hostess cupcakes, melon balls
  • Vintage cocktails: Whiskey Sour, Cherry Brandy, Watney’s Red Barrel, Mint Juleps, R White’s Lemonade

With this sumptuous food fare, guests will surely make numerous trips to the table to refill their tye dyed dinner plates and cups.

Music: To fill the venue with classic retro sounds from the three decades, download tunes by artists such as Diana Ross, The Beatles, Bee Gees, KC and the Sunshine Band, and Donna Summer.

Games: ‘Tis not only the season of giving but also the time for everyone to let his image008hair down – from the executives to their minion. Incorporate some retro old school party games that may be cliché, but they are tried and tested to bring fun and excitement even to those who have not played them before. Lay down the rules for Charades, Limbo Rock, Brain Detectives, Name that Tune, and Musical Pairs. Reserve the end part of the party to give out special awards in several categories, including best costume and star of the night.

Send out the bomb-tastic invitations early so that employees can have all the time to assemble their polyester outfit and perfect their moves to the beat of hip music. It’s going to be one retro-cool Christmas party for your company. Make it rock!

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