A Sparkling Party to Welcome the New Year with a Bang

image001New Year’s Eve is one occasion that everyone seems to be excited about. However, all that hype and preparations fall short in making a special night truly wonderful and memorable. What we can muster is a lousy meal from Christmas leftovers, loud music, and a toast of bland champagne – all for the sake of being together and coming out with New Year’s resolutions meant to be unfulfilled.

Even if you think you’ve had enough merrymaking during the holiday season, it’s tough to turn a deaf ear to the noises that New Year brings. Everyone is in his or her best element to celebrate. So in order not to miss the fun in welcoming a brand new year, better take matters into your own hands and plan a fabulous get-together for your family and friends to party in style.

Plan ahead. To achieve a good turnout, send out the invitations to your guest listimage002 at least three weeks ahead. It’s a way of making sure your friends prioritize your party over other New Year’s Eve events being celebrated here and there. Pick a theme to level up the party fun and indicate in the invitation if you want your guests to come in costume, whether as superheroes, fairy tale characters, or in retro fashion.

Set the Stage. If you want to match the sparkling fireworks, choose a Hollywood theme to capture the glitz and twinkles in one glittery night. Explore an online shop with complete Hollywood party supplies to spare you from all the stress and still allow you to set the stage fit for your glamorous friends. Your guests may suddenly develop superstar complex as they enter through a VIP stage door. Lead them along the pathway lined with stanchion posts where the paparazzi await in Hollywood setter at the end of the hall. Don’t disappoint their craving to be in the limelight. Let them be photographed behind the Hollywood couple photo banner to capture that momentary fame on the red carpet.

However, don’t forget it’s a gathering for counting down the hours to the dawn of a new year. Together with all the Hollywood glints, let gold and silver table scatters further fill the area for total celebratory effect. Fill the venue with glow in the dark items, and have the blowouts and foil noisemakers ready so that everyone’s blaring can be heard at the stroke of midnight.

image004Serve Sips and Bites. Opt for a cocktail type of party where guests can better socialize and move around, rather than a sit-down dinner, which tends to contain people to certain areas.

Instead of a single long buffet table, set up three or four food stations covered in bubbly New Year’s Eve tablewear. Offer different menu on each table. For example, on one table, serve a selection of appetizers consisting of shrimp cocktails, champagne truffles, buttermilk popcorn chicken, and ham and cheese bites. On the other table, let your guests choose from a range of delectable dishes from stuffed meatballs to Thai-Italian spring rolls, fig and blue cheese flatbread, and prime rib roast. Reserve a table for tempting sweets and desserts in the likes of tiramisu cupcakes, frozen s’mores pop chocolate and raspberry trifle. Make sure to provide many finger food plates in every table.

Set up a bar where your guests can mix their own drinks. Make available printed recipes of Cranberry Kir Royale, bubbly Prosecco, and sparkling wine Sangria on cardstock. Toast to the occasion using special silver champagne glasses fit for your look-alike Hollywood celebrity guests.

Make a grand entrance. As host, you deserve to be the star of the night. Not toimage006 be outshone by the glittering outfit of your guests, you should be parading in silver, gold, or snow white with sparkling accessories to truly shine in your party. This is a night not like the others so end the year looking elegant and glamorous in your sartorial bang of a 1920’s silver white flapper dazzle dress. Sizzle and still feel comfortable entertaining guests who have nothing but all praises for your knack in putting together a party they will long remember even after the New Year’s fireworks had fizzled out.

Happy New Year!

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