Painting Your Party with Circus Colors and Fun

Who doesn’t instantly become a kid at heart when the circus comes to town? There image001are clowns in colorful costumes, trained animals doing tricks, balloons and funny noises, as well as many goodies to munch on and stuff to win – these are just some of the fun elements to be had whenever one gets the chance to go to the circus.

The sad news is that the circus is not always in town. However, the good news is that you can create a circus-themed party in your own backyard to celebrate your kid’s birthday and bring in all the spectacles. Just don’t count in the live elephants, lions, and tigers! The best part of all is that hosting a circus-themed party is not that difficult to do – thanks to online shop that offers a complete line-up of circus-related party supplies you’ll need.

Set up the Circus Scene. A simple way to start is by focusing on one circus component, such as clowns, magicians, merry-go-round, or animals. Nevertheless, image003if you want to make an impression to your guests, you can transform the backyard into an entire circus village. Think lots of colors and shapes. Form an arch of red, yellow, and blue latex balloons at the entranceway where a ticket booth is set up. Make sure everyone gets an admission ticket you printed out before they pass through the lion tamer and his lion, strongman, balancing elephant, and the Master of Ceremonies cutouts lined along the pathway leading to where the circus actions are. Imagine the delight of your guests, young and old alike, as they shoot themselves from the cannon of the circus-themed photo prop.

Hang rainbow pennant banners and lanterns across the area. Turn every tree into jolly entities by posting large jointed clown cutouts. Use white drapes as dividing wall to your circus tent so you have separate areas for games, food, entertainment, and picture taking. Let your guests be guided by circus street signs to find their way around. Install spotlights to focus on what’s happening at the center of the stage – a magician is up on his tricks, the juggler performing his balancing act, a mime doing his guessing game,  or you’re giving away prizes for special awards.

Serve Circus Food and Drinks. What else is there to serve but circus food and 03-1203,4 Hearts DzzyDnglrsdrinks? This time guests don’t need to dig into their pockets to enjoy fried dough, barbecues, hot dogs, snow cones, and others. Just about every food they queued for in circus stalls are lined up on the buffet table covered with big top tablecloth and decorated with clown centerpiece. Add cupcakes to the menu and make them even more attractive by placing clown face toppers on them. You may even consider renting a cotton candy machine and ice cream cart for the day. Don’t forget to prepare assorted flavored popcorn and place them in popcorn boxes to make sure all guests get their share.

image007Plan the Circus Activities. A safe and fun game for kids, pin the nose on the clown can be played by small children while the bigger ones can try their luck in hitting the clown piñata. Designate an area for this game and set clear ground rules for safety. Winner or not, make sure that children bring home a popcorn loot bag filled with colorful carnival candies, animal-shaped cookies, clown bang gun, clown red foam nose, and mini pinwheels.

A circus-themed party is ideal for a kid’s birthday party. However, it can also fit almost any type of event, including adults only affair. After all, there’s always a kid in each one of us. So, come one, come all – the circus is in town!

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