St. Patrick Day Party Ideas for Adults

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St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and it is the perfect time to have a break from your usual adventure-free lives, dressed in green or a lousy leprechaun costume and then partying all night with your friends while you chug down a few good bottles of beer.  Celebrate being Irish or simply celebrate to enjoy the fun and entertainment that St. Patrick Day offers.

If you plan to host a party and extend the fun and celebration from the streets to your home, you might want to use these simple tips on how to throw a grand party at home, that will give your friends a one-of-a-kind experience this St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick Day Invitations

20192231-chalkboardIn a world dominated by technology and social media, inviting friends over for a party is as easy as a click of a button. To offer something different and exciting for your guests, preparing a nice online invite or even a short video about your upcoming event would make them feel excited to party together with you and the rest of the gang. Don’t forget to remind your guests to come in green!

St. Patrick Day Decorations

Green is the dominant colour when it comes to decorating for a St. Patrick Day party. It is the colour most associated with being Irish and the colour leprechaun loves to be in. A few decorating accessories in gold and red would make the event venue even more festive. You can also include white and orange for your decorations, since these are the colours of the flag of Ireland.

St. Patrick Day Party Activities

beerStart it simple like having a handmade shamrock making contest for your initial party entertainment. You can later increase the fun by doing mind teaser games and then physical games that your guests will truly enjoy. A t-shirt painting activity would be great if you have kids on your party.

However, for an all-adult celebration, a lot of booze and music is enough to entertain and keep your guests busy.

St. Patrick Party Food and Drinks

Celebrate like a true-blooded Irish by serving traditional Irish recipes for your St. Patrick Day party. You can serve a mix of the classic menu that includes anything in green. You can have cupcakes, salads, frosting, and a lot of cookies. Do not forget to include a lot of protein items in your menu if you plan to dance non-stop and drink non-stop together with friends.

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