Photo Booth Fun to the Max

How can anyone not have fun being crammed in a small space with family orshowgirl friends, in front of a camera, with some outrageous and fancy props as costumes? That’s essentially the most amusing part when you get inside a photo booth. It is perhaps the best thing ever invented to put party fun to a notch higher. The more wacky the costumes and poses are, the more chances for party guests to enjoy having their pictures taken.

However, looking at photo booth pictures you can easily see that they seem to have many things in common. Regardless of who is in the frame, they are frozen in classic poses such as sticking out the tongue, making the peace sign, and wearing anything they hurriedly grabbed from the props box. It’s not that they’re not having fun, or that the pictures are devoid of fun. It could have been more interesting if guests can think of unique and creative ways to pose in their photo booth session. Better yet, the man behind the camera must be ready with tips to help guests achieve a “wow” shot.

The advent of the last quarter of the year brings in a succession of holiday parties that are great opportunities to rent or set up a photo booth. Here are ways to maximize photo booth posing.

Halloween Parties: Even if guests are arriving in their own scary costumes, it image002does not mean there is no need for other hysterical gears at the side. If they prefer to face the camera wearing their outfit, you can try bringing out the characters being portrayed. Coach them to have more intense facial expressions to look more credible. It helps to identify the personalities to bring out the craziest pose like a fiery stance for the Flame Master, or the disturbing posture of a Zombie Doctor. If normally shy guests will come out of their shell and open up to be goofy for a few minutes, it means they want a picture that will help them remember the moment.

Christmas Parties: Having a photo booth at your Christmas party will keep guests bowties7from leaving early because they’d want to collect the instant photos that capture them in their zaniest. However, there’ll come a time when poses and props become elusive because everyone has already tried them all. Take the photo session to another level by taking advantage of the details around. This includes what people wear. Capitalize on an article of clothing to tell a story. For example, let a group of men pose as mere background to their colorful ties and bowties. You may also use party decorations and accessories that the host has placed in the party area. Apart from immortalizing an important detail of the party, it can serve to compliment the host for making her well-thought party décors stand out in posterity.

New Year’s Eve Parties: People love to throw parties on New Year’s Eve. They image005are always worth remembering as a night when families and friends huddle together to welcome another year. You can add more fun to the high spirit by capturing the countdown moments in series of four to five automated photos. Squeeze in as much as 15 of the people you want to spend the first few minutes of the New Year with. Nevertheless, it is definitely a challenge how you can beat the number with a fantastic shot. This is the time when having the same facial expression or everyone is acting out the same thing at the same time like rolling the eyes or puckering the lips to a smooch works to an advantage.

Who would ever think there is fun inside a small space such as the photo booth? Hopefully, these tips will help you get started to look in your wackiest best during a special moment with family and friends.

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