Planning a Child’s Birthday Party: Here’s What’s Hot for 2017

A month has already passed since we enter the year 2017. All of us, by this time, has already managed to catch up with work and other things that concern issues and activities from last year. February is a month to welcome more new things and more adventures in our lives.

As for the party scene, there are a lot of things to look forward to this 2017. Here are some of the party trends and party decoration staples that you can witness and look forward to this year.



This year will be a relief for most moms and party planners since parties will be simplified for the year 2017. There will be a few scaling back after a year of parties inspired by Pinterest and other party planning websites. Family gatherings will be more intimate and will include a nice menu, simple décor and great bonding moments together with your love ones.



This year will also welcome unique party themes and ideas. We will be seeing a few of the Barbie or Princess-themed parties for girls or Marvel and Lego-themed parties for boys. Unique themes may include Japanese tea party theme, colour-themed events, wilderness themes and yoga-inspired party themes.

Statement Balloons


Balloons have been explored and featured in so many designs and arrangements thanks to Pinterest. The trend will continue this 2017. We will be seeing a lot of variations of the balloon bouquet, oversized golden balloons, animated balloons and glittered balloons. Decorating with balloons will be more dramatic for 2017.

Colourful and Unique Backdrops


This year will also be a year for statement backdrops. Instead of decorating the entire party venue, party decorations will be more limited on the stage area or a main spot for parties. Sprucing up a small area will save a lot of time and money and will help you save time cleaning up after the celebration. Decorating with paper plates will be back on trend too. Balloons will be a main staple when it comes to decorating backdrops as well.

Food pairings

Food pairings will always be popular for both adult and children party celebrations. Mini tacos with margaritas would still be a perfect pairing for a Mexican-themed party, while hotdogs and marshmallows will remain as a significant menu for kid’s celebrations. Crafted beer will also hit the top when it comes to trendy drinks for 2017.

Pinterest will still be the go-to place when it comes to party ideas and staples.  However, it will be a more relaxing year when it comes to accessorizing and decorating parties for children this 2017.

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