Planning out Halloween Costumes for Kids

image001It is the season for trick or treating and kids are excited more than ever to flaunt their dainty costumes as they roam the streets and go from one house to another asking for fancy candies. Coming up with a Halloween costumes for kids is a challenge to parents considering that the attires have to be wholesome. Aside from their conventionality, ghouls, ghosts, and witches-inspired costumes may not be age appropriate for kids. Other Halloween themes that are rather cliché, like blood stained knives and severed bloody arm, may be too violent and harmful for children.

Below are Halloween costume suggestions that are wholesome, affordable, and fun:

1. Dress your child for art’s sake. Unleash your creativity and originality by transforming him or her into a passionate visual artist. Spray and spatter some chemical-free paint onto a light-colored shirt for that artistic look and accessorize with brightly colored scarves. A handful of paintbrushes can also be popped into pockets as props.

2. Whip up the chef in your kid. Pajama pants paired with a plain shirt and some starch-white apron will do the trick. For the hat, cut out a makeshift cap from a white board, roll it, and put a white shower cap over it. Refurbish the look by making the child carry around kitchen implements like rolling pin, ladles, mixing bowl, etc.

image0033. Dive down to the aquatics. Give your child the underwater experience fix by donning him in scuba diving gear. Scout for some abandoned rectangular boxes in the attic and devise a makeshift oxygen tank. Another option would be to glue two plastic soda bottles as air tanks. Insert some hose into the board and connect it to your child’s mask, which could be a real one or a make-believe mask. The child must also wear swimsuits and trunks. Use crafts foam to make the flippers and download figures from the Internet to shape the flippers perfectly. A young girl, on the other hand, can dress in an enchanting mermaid costume.

4. Travel back to the indefatigable 80s. Bring back the generation of Cindy Lauper, Rick Astley, and Michael Jackson by dressing your baby with the 80s fashion craze characterized by teased bangs, baggy pants, loose shirts, and large earrings and accessories. For the boys, dark sunglasses, espadrilles, Walkman and Gameboy are perfect frills.

5. Make your little girl Miss Universe. Reuse her flower girl gowns in previous weddings or wrap around some rich tulle around her waist. Cut out letters from a sticky felt and paste on a makeshift sash, which may be a thick ribbon or a thin board. Accessorize with fancy make up, jewelry, and a shimmery tiara, which may be bought from a crafts store. She is now ready to sashay and wave to the crowd.

6. Fulfill your child’s Safari Fantasy. All it takes to do this is pin animal stuffed toys all over your child’s clothes. It would be much better if you can grab an animal hoodie. Scout your child’s closet for some animal-inspired clothes like stripes for a giraffe theme. For a realistic move, let your child make animal sounds as he goes trick or treating.

image0057. Zoom away into outer space. Space suit costumes fascinate children no end. A Buzz Lightyear costume would be perfect. However, if your prefer DIY costume, look for some empty carton boxes in the attic or stockroom, paint them with chemical-free silver paint, and assemble them to look like a space gear. Other frills may include oxygen tanks and rubber shoes with built-in moving lights.

Kids love trick or treating as much as they love Christmas. Making Halloween fun and memorable for them are the reasons why parents must make an effort to scout or devise Halloween costumes for kids that will make them stand out among the crowd and make their Halloween experience unforgettable.

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