Powerful Tips for Building Your Party Timeline

Any professional party planner can attest to the fact that party planning always image002starts by creating a party timeline. The importance of having one cannot be undermined because a party timeline serves as the master list to guide the host every step of the way to a successful party.

In essence, a party timeline is a comprehensive list of activities to be done and the estimated time it takes to accomplish each task. It also includes a shopping list of supplies and materials needed for the event. Everything is listed down in the order of priority. A party timeline is such a powerful tool that can help you manage an event without stressing yourself to the limit.

Here are the tips to create a party timeline in helping organize an event that will not make you say, “Oh, I forgot something!”

Tip #1: Identify the party venue. Decide where the party or event is to be held. If you’re celebrating at home, make sure there is enough space to accommodate the number of guests you plan to invite. On the other hand, if you’re targeting an event location or a restaurant, secure the place in advance before proceeding to the next tasks down the list.

image003Tip #2: Decide on a theme. A party theme helps to make the planning more cohesive. You can build the other party components to match the theme you want for the event. Click on https://www.partiesonline.com.au/ to get party theme ideas and save yourself time in conceptualizing the motif. Whether you’re throwing a bash for your kid or hosting a holiday event, there would be a theme your needs.

Tip #3: Create a guest list and send out the invites. The list dictates how many invites to send out, how much food and drinks to prepare, as well as the type of activities to plan. Write down the details and period of the party on the invites. How long do you want the party to last? This gives the guests an idea how long they can stay and when they are supposed to leave.

Tip #4: Plan the party elements. After securing the venue and sending out the invites, it’s time to plan for specific activities needed to be accomplished prior to the image005party. Dedicate one or two pages of the timeline in listing down everything to be done. For example, what type of food and drinks are best to be served, what party decorations and supplies must be used, and what party games or activities to include for entertaining guests? At the bottom of the list, decide what party favors to give out as parting token.

Tip #5: Create a shopping list. Develop a list of all things you will need for the event. Create separate list for the different party components such as food, entertainment, decors, etc. Continue refining the list until you are sure you have incorporated all the essentials. Keep adding as you remember more while continuing to streamline the list to remove less important items.

Once you have finalized your party timeline you can now set on to implement your plans. Be flexible to move some aspects in case of conflicts, but make sure to make reasonable adjustments that are still within the timeframe. If you feel there is much work with little time left, enlist family and friends to provide help. Having a few extra hands can take much load off your shoulders and help you accomplish more tasks.

By making yourself a well-organized timeline and shopping list, you’re on your way to a hitch-free event you can truly enjoy and be proud of.

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