Ingredients to a Successful Italian-Australian Dinner Party

image001If you’re looking for a party theme that is a bit casual and intimate, an Italian-Australian dinner party may be well suited to your taste. In the world of gatherings, a party with Italian-Australian feel is perhaps one of the most enjoyable and unpretentious event to experience.

When it comes to authentic Italian-Australian entertaining, everything is about food and conversation. It is not about the decors, music, lights, favors or the usual staples found in other parties. The slow food enjoyment can last for five hours because in-between the many courses are many laughs, talks, and gossips while savoring the flavors and special moment of togetherness. An Italian-Australian dinner party is indeed an opportunity to serve homemade dishes to be shared in an informal and laid back setting that speaks much about the great love between the fusion of two cultures.

What it takes to Host an Italian-Australian Dinner Party

Sundays are usually reserved by Italians to be shared with family and friends over a leisurely dining encounter. So pick another day that does not conflict with the traditional family day and a time when guests can arrive to enjoy early appetizers.

As host, you are expected to prepare the night’s courses and enjoy eating with guests. Spending and enjoying valuable time with them is paramount thus little attention is given to decors, centerpieces, or ambience. Yet it doesn’t stop you from being creative in bringing your guests to Italy without leaving home. A party with an Italian-Australian theme tends to center mostly around food, but it is also of prime importance to set the mood. Make it the least of your worry by getting your Italian decorations and scene setters from an online shop to save you time and effort.

Whether you’re deciding between a buffet dinner and sit-down party, bring Italy to the scene by wrapping the table with red and green table cover. Fill the place with Italian scenes and map cut outs or framed photos of popular Italian landmarks, such as Amalfi Coast, Florence Cathedral, Venice’s Grand Canal, etc. Play music by famous Italian and Italian-Australian singers in the likes of Luciano Pavarotti, Dean Martin, and Frank Sinatra. Tone down the volume to allow people to talk and listen to the music at the same time.

image003Welcome your guests with smells of food cooking in the kitchen. Whet the appetite that is starting to build up by offering them some teasers of large tomato slices topped with mozzarella cheese as well as fresh basil drizzled with balsamic vinegar. For those wanting to start light, serve melon balls wrapped in prosciutto pierced with Italian flag picks.

Let everyone in to the beautiful meal you’ve prepared for the night. Write down the dinner menu on the Italian style menu board to create an old-fashioned Italian restaurant appeal. Feature your line-up of dishes from appetizer, antipasto, minestrone soup, and main courses consisting of chicken Parmesan, spaghetti Bolognese and some veggie options for friends with restricted diet.

The main pasta dish can be served depending on the nimage005umber of guests in attendance. Family style means large helpings of pasta are set down in the center of the table, to be passed around among those at the table, forging a closer familial bond between jovial chats and news catch up. Usually there are few different types of sauces made available as preferred by different palates.

It comes as no surprise if wine becomes the main headline for the night. Wine is a central component in Italian culture thus it remains as such in an Italian-Australian dinner party. Offer a wide array of Italian wines, particularly those carrying labels from the wine region of Tuscany. Make sure to include other beverage options like bottled Italian sodas purchased from specialty gourmet stores.

The last course is served while everyone is still trying to digest all the filling dishes. For dessert, it can be sweet Italian treats like tiramisu, chocolate-dipped biscotti, or fruity gelato. Of course, nothing beats a nice cup of espresso to cap off the Italian-Australian fare while wrapping up an exciting day in the company of family and friends.

“Mangia bene, vivi felice”.

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