Simple but Gorgeous Bridal Shower Decorations

image001A bridal shower needs to be appropriately decorated to give it that special ambiance. There are plenty of ways to come up with beautiful bridal shower decorations. If you are handy with crafts you can try the DIY route and create gorgeous pieces made all the more special because of the TLC that went into them. If you are busy and think you have yet to develop the interest and skill for crafts, don’t despair. You can buy plenty of pretty and reasonably priced items from stores to create the festive effect you want.

Begin with a Color Scheme

Gathering the right decorations together is going to be a lot easier if you begin with deciding on a color scheme. You can base your choice on the color scheme the bride has chosen for her wedding or you can choose another color after consulting with the shower’s honoree.

Once you have decided on a color scheme, everything will follow more easily. For example, if blue is going to be the color of the day, you can begin by ordering pastel light blue pearlised latex balloons or party lanterns, laying out a blue tablecloth, and decorating tabletops with blue and white tissue pompoms. You might want to hang streamers in varying shades of blue, or provide everyone with white and blue party hats. Just add blue and white cupcakes or a blue and white shower cake and you’re all done!

Some DIY Ideas

Iimage003f you love crafts, then hosting a bridal shower should give you hours of pleasure creating handmade goodies for the party. There are plenty of DIY bridal shower decorations you can make for a special girlfriend, and these will be even more special because of the TLC you put into each piece.

  • Gossamer cloth decorations. If you like to do things yourself but you are a little short on time, gossamer can come to the rescue. Choose yards and yards of gossamer in the wedding colors and swag these over your windows, swag these from the center of your ceiling to the walls, or simply drape these over chairs and secure with a bow. You can also lay these over regular tablecloth of your buffet table.
  • Tissue paper decorations. With some tissue paper, mylar, string, image005scissors, and a pair of pinking shears you can make plenty of decorations for the bridal shower you will be hosting. You can start by making tassels and hanging these across the ceiling, on a chandelier, or on streamers. You can also make tissue paper pompoms with 6 to 10 sheets of standard sized tissue paper. Alternatively, you can make tissue paper flowers and arrange these in centerpieces around the house or use pom pom fluffy tissue decoration from Parties Online.
  • Colored Paper. With a paper puncher and colored paper you can make a lot of confetti, and confetti can make a lot of DIY bridal shower decorations. You can coat balloons with confetti before setting them free around your living room. With a large plastic sheet as background, you can scatter confetti to spell the honoree’s name. You can also decorate the dollar store candle glasses or tea lights with confetti in the shower’s color scheme.

Other Decorations to Consider

Other accessories will add a lot to making your shower seem special.

  • If you’ve ordered balloons, you can make them look more special than they normally would by tying curling ribbons in varying lengths around each one.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of flowers. Once you have your color image007scheme, order flowers in that color and arrange them around the venue. You can also pick flowers in different colors and put them in vases that echo your color scheme. If you don’t have vases in the specific color scheme, wrap your vases in tissue paper or cellophane and fasten with a big pretty bow.

Creating decorations for a bridal shower need not be an overwhelming challenge. Just relax, let your creativity flow, and have fun!

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