Great Ideas for Kids Party Venues

image001Traditionally, a kids’ birthday party is held in the privacy of one’s home or garden. Nowadays, it’s acceptable to have a kids’ party outside of the home or your own backyard for various reasons. Surely, you’d rather have the party outdoors than have a group of eight-year-olds running and screaming around your home and risk breaking fragile things. You also wouldn’t like the idea of tiny feet trampling your prized plants to death! To avoid these scenarios, here are some great ideas for kids party venues that take the stress out (not to mention the wear and tear) of holding a kids’ party away from home:

The All-Important List

First, you need to know what time the party will be and how many kids will be attending. Hence, you need to send out invites ahead of time. Just make sure your invitations match the theme of the party – if your kid’s a big fan of Finn and Jake from Adventure Time, choose Adventure Time party invitations for the guests, or the ever-reliable Barbie invitations if image003your daughter’s a fan of the famous fashion doll. If the guest list is for 20 or more, then you need to consider having the party outside the home. Here are some great venues to consider in your area that you can hire on an hourly basis:

1. Community Halls – These are perfect for your party because they have complete facilities necessary for party activities. There’s a kitchen, as well as comfort rooms, which are ideal for kids’ wash-up before, during, and after the party.
2. Church Halls – Just like community halls, they have comfort rooms and a kitchen adjacent to the party area. All you need to bring is the party food and decorations such as a life size cut out of Disney Frozen’s Elsa for your little princess or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles foil balloons for your little action hero.
3. Parks – Whether they are open or covered, parks are a great venue when it comes to party time. Besides being near the great outdoors, you get to hold the party picnic-style. Kids have all the space they need to run around. Just be sure to tidy up when you leave.
4. Beach – Who doesn’t enjoy a kids’ party at the beach? Playing in the water and having barbecues and burgers are fun to have minus all the stress. Again, tidy up your mess when the party is over; the kids can help here. Picnic-style food and pizzas are a good idea to have in delivery boxes. The kids will love those.
5. Adventure Park – Why not hold the kids’ party at an adventure park? Kids will learn all about animals, as well as how to care for them. Book in advance to make sure your party doesn’t interfere with other park guests’ activities. Pack the food in disposable containers so you can immediately clear up after the party.

image005The Benefits

Throwing a kids’ party at home is ideal for a small group of about less than 20 kids. While you can control the food menu here, the downside is probably the clean-ups and wash-ups afterwards. You can go around this by using disposable tableware like these Strawberry Shortcake luncheon plates that you can order online. Opt to use plastic Strawberry Shortcake cups, spoons, forks, and cutlery to minimize breakage. It is wise to keep breakable objects out of reach of the kids. While you’re at it, use matching Strawberry Shortcake napkins for the full effect. When the party is over, try to enlist the help of some mummies to clean up the mess.

On the other hand, a great advantage of choosing kids party venues instead of having the party at home is that you minimize the post-event cleaning and washing-up. You can plan to serve food in large square durable platters with lids, but make sure that each kid gets their fair share image007of the food and party favors as well. Pizzas are great to serve and so are other finger foods. Pack those mini burgers and cupcakes in huge boxes. Fruit juices can be brought in plastic containers complete with disposable straws. Don’t forget the balloons, for even outdoor parties come alive when festooned with balloons.

Now you have some of the great ideas for kids’ party venues. Really, though, it doesn’t matter where your party is held as long as your little guests will have a terrific fun time at the party.

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