The Making of a Blockbuster Movie-Inspired Christmas Party

It’s that time of the year again when throwing a party is the perfect way to toast the season. If you’re tired of the same fruitcake and the not-so-funny antics of the family clown, try thinking out of the box. Moreover, it’s not just an ordinary box but also a real box office hit – the Christmas movies that made it big in the tilts. From Home Alone to How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Die Hard, the long list of Christmas-related movies goes on for you to pick as a theme for your holiday party. In a season that is already brimming with decorations, the only expenses to worry about are the food, costumes, and some party favors that you can easily click to get from an online party supplies shop.

image004Invitations: Make sure to plan when to send out the invitations together with the holiday cards so it saves you on cost of postage. Print out the details of the party such as time, place, and theme of the celebration. Make sure to indicate that guests must come in the Christmas film inspired costumes. Cut out the invites in the shape and size of admittance ticket and clip on the inside of the card. If you’re showing family-oriented movies, it’s safe to invite children and their friends, making their parents happy to bring over an appetizer or finger foods for a more filling movie viewing.

Dressing Up Like Your Movie Heroes. Requiring guests to come in costumesimage001 will really turn the party into a smash hit. Let Santa remain alive in everyone’s belief by donning the quintessential Santa suit, or you and the missus can be dressed up in Christmas elf costumes like the lovable Buddy in the movie Elf. Providing little accessories like Santa down the chimney hair clip, hat, and headband will add more jovial atmosphere to the party. Don’t forget to give the little girls their glittered Santa head boppers. Reward guests who have the most colorful or unique costume, coming to the party dressed as Scrooge, the Grinch, or as Charlie Brown. You may also dress up the house in true holiday spirit by hanging Christmas stars and swirl decorations to set the stage for your tinsel party venue.

image006Food: Set up an appetizer bar at the entrance to the viewing room. Place the staples that make movie dates complete: popcorn, chips, candies, soda, and other snacks courtesy of some friends. Serve crunchy bits of red and green M&Ms in poinsettia cups or place colorful jelly beans in a Santa bowl for little fingers to dip onto once the young guests get edgy over the frolics of the Christmas characters.

Since the party is not just a movie date, scale up on food by offering a menu of dishes featured in classic Christmas films. Here’s to give you a preview of dishes that made it big in holiday movies:

  • Cheese Pizza all to himself as Kevin McAlister spends Christmas without his family in the hit sequel movies Home Alone 1 and 2.
  • Chinese Turkey or Peking Duck gobbled by the hounds in Ralphie Parker’s home in The Christmas Story.
  • Christmas Dinner of pork tenderloin served by the heroine to her boss in the movie Christmas in Connecticut.
  • Peppermint Stick Hot Chocolate enjoyed by Graham and Amanda Simpkins in The Holiday, and just as perfect to warm up your party guests.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies so good that jolly St. Nick is unable to resist them in The Santa Clause motion picture.
  • Mulled Wine, the aromatic cinnamon and cloves served by the bartender Clarence in the film It’s a Wonderful Life.

Entertainment: There’s an endless list of classical and contemporary Christmasimage008 box office movies. The key is in knowing what the guests will truly enjoy watching while splurging on what you served in the table. Elf, Home Alone and Polar Express are recommended for viewers of all ages. White Christmas would evoke memories of past yuletides and will surely touch the heart of your adult guests. If you’ve managed to put together a group with funny bones, the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is one good pick. Once screening is over, make sure to have some activities to pass the young night away. Play trivia games to test how focused the guests are on the film recently watched. Design games catering to children who will be delighted to receive a gift bag with all the Christmas goodies as a take-home prize.

Before you dim the light, make sure the scented tea lights are lit to prevent guests in knocking down something when they make a trip to the table to refill their dinner plate.

Happy viewing!

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