Planning a Child-Proof Birthday Party

Children are known to be little creatures of havoc even under supervisedimage002 situations. This little fact highlights the importance of considering safety issues when planning to host a party with children in attendance. As parents, you have the responsibility to make sure that children coming to the party are not only entertained, fed, and given treats. It’s also your duty to see to it that the wards entrusted to your care experience all these in a safe environment.

Children’s parties are supposed to be fun. Safety and fun are two elements that go together when there are many children around. When planning your child’s birthday party, it is important to be aware of common party dangers so you’ll know how to prevent or deal with them without spoiling the fun. Perhaps the best trick is to invite other parents as well to look out after their own children. Nevertheless, in case you’re on it by yourself, here are some tips to help you by.

Choking hazard: Choking is one of the leading causes of injury and death among image003children aged below four years old. Most of the incidents are associated with the habit of children to put objects into their mouth. During the party, make sure that no small objects that can potentially choke kids are seen lying around the house. The frenzy and excitement may result to littering hazards such as gift-wrappers, toy parts, and balloons. While balloons are party essentials, make them safe party companions by exercising your best discretion to use the right type and find the right location for them. Party Supplies Online provides helpful hints and information on how to decorate with latex and foil balloons.

Party Games: It’s not party without party games. The more aggressive they are, the more fun they bring. However, they don’t only create laughter and cheers because these games can be dangerous if no ground rules are imposed. Even aimage004 seemingly harmless birthday piñata can hurt kids. Some scenes in “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, present the dangers in piñata playing. However, there are ways to play the game safely including designating a spacious area and preventing children from getting too close the hitting spot.

If there are swords, knives, or arrows in your child’s pirate-themed party, tell kids to point them downward. Simple games like pass the parcel, musical chairs, and pin the tail all sound rehashed to adults. In the eyes of kids, these games are great sources of fun thus make sure they are designed with safety as primary concern. For example, instead of using tacks to pin the tail, you can use adhesive strips.

Food: As a rule, do not include high allergy foods in the menu. It is best to ask parents of the invited kids if their child has a particular food allergy. It is image006recommended to strike out that food item from the party altogether to prevent the inconvenience of depriving one allergic child while the rest are served with it.

There are certain party foods considered unsafe for young children. No matter how children love to partake party foods such as marshmallows, hot dogs, hard candies, and others, these items are choking risks. Cut food in bite-size portions so there’s no need to use knives. This way, children can taste bits of everything in the amount just enough for them. Serve finger foods like mini quiches, cocktail sandwiches, sliced pizzas, etc. See to it that the children are properly seated during mealtime. Make sure they are not running, talking, or laughing with food inside their mouth.

Child Proofing the House: Even if the party is held outside, some children may wander around to satisfy their curiosity. This can bring them inside the house where they can get hold of potentially dangerous items like knives, matches, chemicals, and other hazards. To be more sure keep these items out of reach of young children. Make it a point to accompany kids if they need to use the bathroom. Seal off access to areas that can be dangerous to young kids like staircases, kitchen, swimming pool, garage, and basement. Banish pets even if they are domesticated. Some pets act differently in the presence of other people in the vicinity.

Emergency Medications: Apart from getting information about food allergies, it is wise to ask parents if their children have certain health problems. This is to enable you to prepare in emergencies such as asthma attack or epileptic episode, which are typical children’s illnesses. Asking for specific first aid treatment is a good idea.

Taking these precautionary steps may be considered additional hassles in planning a children’s party. Nevertheless, it pays to be safe than be sorry. So use these simple tips to be sure your kid’s birthday party is not only fun. Most importantly, it is accident-free.

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