Treat Friends to Your Spooktacular Friday the 13th Party

A party on Friday the 13th is so unlike other parties thrown to celebrate the happier image001side of life. The day has been hyped as the unluckiest day in the calendar, a day for superstitions, folklores, and bad luck. However, if you want to prove otherwise and dare tempt fate, a party on Friday the 13th can be your vehicle to turn the fearsome day as the most perfect day for revelry.

There are many ways to set the scene for a Friday the 13th party. Whether you want to create a funny or scary atmosphere, a visit to your favorite online party supply shop will yield you a wide range of fabulous wicked Halloween and Friday the 13th decorations and props. Your guests will either develop or get over their phobia for the day once they stepped into your make-believe spooktacular setting.

image002Invitation: What could be a more frightful way to invite 12 of your closest friends than to send a scary party invitation to let them know you’re the 13th person in the party? For ages, the number 13 has been synonymous with bad luck, making people over dramatic in avoiding the number. If one of your friends’ birthday falls on a Friday the 13th, he or she’ll automatically becomes the guest of honor.

Set the Stage: Welcome your guest as they pass under a ladder outside the front door and lead them through a haunted hallway door curtain that emits the spookiest sounds they’ve ever heard. If you own a black cat, create a special stage for the pet to confirm your guests’ belief that you’re actually a sorceress lookingimage004 stunning in your classic black witch costume. Prop up an open umbrella inside the house to insult the guardian spirits of the house, but don’t forget to scatter salt around since you’re all set to clean the scene afterwards. Place a broken mirror in the area not to wish for seven years of bad luck, but to trap your guests’ soul in all the fun activities you’ve lined up for the freaky night.

Entertain Your Guests: Plan activities that will put your guests at peace knowing they’re safe from the clutches of unfortunate events. Play horseshoe tossing to ward off the devil from entering the party scene, or hide four-leaf clovers for guests to search for these universal symbols of good luck. Lucky indeed are those who can find these rare plant for fancy prizes await them. Perhaps you can also challenge guests to spell out the 20-dollar words friggatriskaidekaphobia or paraskevidekatriaphobia, both to mean the irrational fear of Friday the 13th. As they settle down from the activities, switch on the player for a marathon of Friday the 13th movie and let them scream out watching Jason’s Revenge. Other choices to help you get into the spirit of doom include The Ring and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Serve a Superstitious Meal: Plan a good Friday the 13th menu. To complement the scattered salt, serve eggs and white cheese for appetizers in reference to the Chinese symbols of death. See how gutsy your guests are as they try the squid ink image006pasta cut in halves to combine perfectly with the creamy texture of sea urchin, making them feel like biting a squishy tongue. To honor the day fully, elevate the nasty reputation of bananas in bringing misfortune. However, this time, hide the healthy fruit in a sinfully tempting chocolate cake. Thirteen people at the dinner table will surely fight among each other just to have a slice of it. For a truly frightful drink to gulp down, whether you serve tea with milk to wish your friends would never marry, or orange juice to make someone fall in love with you, make sure to serve them with vampire teeth ice cube inside skull goblets.

A Friday the 13th party isn’t for the faint-hearted. Of course, you can always host one for the sake of fun just to be with 12 of your dearest friends. As you call it a day, send them off with a party loot bag that has everything that is supposed to bring good luck: crystals, dicky wine charms, or a dolphin amulet. Oh! Don’t forget to say “God bless you” even if they did not sneeze. It sincerely means you truly care for friends who dared stand by your eccentricities in a day considered as the

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