The Ultimate Planning Guide for Classroom Parties

image001Classroom parties are special events considered as source of childhood school memories. Kids always look forward to occasions like birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and the end of the school year to take a break from reading and writing so they can celebrate as a class. These celebrations are usually put together when teachers and parents join hands in planning classroom parties that they can also enjoy.

The Importance of Parents-Teachers Collaboration

The key to a successful classroom party is to establish a communication line between the parents and teachers. Many parents have the tendency to turn a class party into a mini-festival, but teachers prefer to have a celebration in simpler fashion. It is always best to consult teachers because they are more experienced in handling groups of children in school, and they have firmer idea of what type of party activities will work well in classroom environment. Both teachers and parents can join forces to come up with plans for everyone’s interest.

During the planning, an organizing committee is vital so that people can be assigned with certain tasks. The committee is responsible in creating a checklist of everything that the party requires such as supplies, menu, activities, and other essentials. Teachers must keep an updated contact list of parents for faster communication and timely action. As the classroom party approaches, teachers must take the initiative to inform parents about the progress of the party planning.

Soliciting Contributions for Food, Drink and Supplies

The contact list becomes useful when the time has come to solicit contributions for the party needs. Send the checklist created by the committee to the parents for them to decide what they can bring. By requesting RSVPs, teachers can take note of commitments made by parents and move on to request supplies that are still unaccounted for. An updated checklist can also be posted at the classroom door to inform parents of what items still need to be filled up so they can offer to bring something.

Planning the Party Details

image003Classroom parties are at their best when you aim for simplicity. Regardless of party theme, take advantage of the timeless appeal of traditional party decors and accessories, food and drinks, games, and activities. Even if you put some twists to them, there are lesser difficulties in making the kids eat dishes that they are already familiar with, or explaining rules about games they have played before.

Reserve a maximum of one hour for class parties, including the time for preparing and cleaning up the classroom before and after the celebration. Parent participation is limited to the volunteer room parents who are expected to assist during the entire event.

Food Choices to Serve

image004image006A classroom party does not need plenty and elaborate dishes. A few simple finger foods that are easy to prepare, eat, and clean up are ideal. This includes bite size pieces such as cookies, image008cupcakes, mini-sandwiches, and skewered fruit slices. Avoid serving messy and sticky foods like cake, ice cream, and dips that can be the source of dirt and stain in the classroom.

Discuss students’ dietary and allergy issues with the teacher. A safer option is to stay away serving foods known to cause severe allergic reaction in some kids.

Use disposable party supplies and tableware that match the chosen theme. Explore Party Supplies Online and shop from its complete range of superb quality plastic plates, cups, cutlery, and napkin. Apart from being cheaper than other party wares, they are easy to set up and safe for use by kids.

Serve individual juice boxes to save on time and avoid spillage.

Party Games and Activities

The limited party time allows a few simple games and activities typical for classroom parties. Choose crafts and games that challenge the kids to exercise their skills and promote learning while playing. Suggested activities are memory games, musical statues, touch and feel, treasure hunt, and other activities that encourage class participation. Reward winners with simple prizes that can make children feel proud of their achievement.

Avoid games that only a few children can participate in, activities that require a lot of space to move around, and complicated crafts that involve many steps or the use of liquids.

Keep in mind that a classroom parties need not be expensive or overly staged. Parents who are asked to provide for the party are most likely to resent the idea. A class party is simply an occasion to have fun and enjoy a break from school routine. The best thing to add to the unforgettable memories is your smile and cheerful mood to show you’re enjoying the party as much as the students do.

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