Plan the Best Fourth of July Party Ever

image001Nothing compares to the way Americans celebrate their Independence Day every Fourth of July. The day conjures images of fireworks, brass bands, parades, ball games, and political speeches. Patriotism is in fever high as citizens wave red, white, and blue star spangled banners in all sizes and shapes.

Celebrating the 1776 Declaration of Independence is not only confined within the US shores because the spirit of Fourth of July spans across the globe from Rome to Buenos Aires, Melbourne, and nearly all major cities of the world. To global Yanks, an Independence Day Party is not just an occasion to get together with fellow Americans, but it is also an opportunity to celebrate in different cultural settings. The red, white, and blue theme helps pull together a Fourth of July celebration and makes the event stay true to what America stands for.

In Australia, some organizations like the American Society of Sydney sponsor annual July 4 party that replicates the American tradition, from decorations to food and fireworks. However, because July happens to be winter in Australia, most of the festivities are planned indoors to ensure a warmer venue when the temperature snaps at its coldest. Nevertheless, the weather can’t stop igniting patriotism, and neither can it stop you from hosting a rocking Fourth of July party that will wow your friends as you celebrate Independence Day Down Under.

Here are some tips to keep the ooh’s and aah’s coming into your blowout event.

Get savvy with the invites. Don’t let the wintry weather hamper your plans to deliver the invites to the guest list. If you can’t personally distribute them, use the internet instead to send emails to your friends and family, and keep track of their confirmation using the same technology. You may also post the event on active social media pages to image003let your friends know about the event. What a way to save your time, money, and effort when throwing a party!

Fly the stars and stripes. Flags are the ideal centrepiece for your Fourth of July decorations. While a wide range of American and 4th of July decorations is available at Party Supplies Online, the stars and stripes remain are the main decorative elements with dazzling effect. Hang eye catching patriotic metallic swirls alongside other mixtures of red, white, and blue, from balloons to 4th of July tablewear.

Serve traditional American food. Celebrate the occasion by feasting on dishes America loves to eat. image005Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you have to take care of everything. In potluck style, let everyone bring in a dish that reminds them of their family traditions like bacon-stuffed cherry tomatoes, the all-American burger, old-fashioned fried chicken, or simple marinated steaks. It can be a delight to start a new tradition away from home. Feel free to provide anything else to fill the buffet table wrapped in red, white and blue stripe table cover.

image007If you want a more exciting twist to your potluck affair, ask guests to bring a dish or food native to a particular US state. The real fun is for guests to show up wearing costume from their chosen state or American and 4th of July fancy dress and present their contribution to the banquet. It’s totally uproarious to see someone walks in Clint Eastwood poncho while carrying a casserole of peppery western food.

Celebrate with patriotic desserts. Desserts that sound as patriotic as the day are the perfect thing to end a sumptuous feast. Be creative in naming your very own red, white and blue desserts like Fourth of July fresh fruit salad, star spangled pound cake, or patriotic berry trifle.

image009Play classic American games. When the weather does not allow you to play outdoor games, put your guests’ knowledge about American history to the test. Kids can have fun over the timeless games of pin the tail on the donkey game, musical chairs, and blind man’s bluff while adults are sure to have a great time playing truth or consequence. Reward winning players with small inexpensive party favors like wooden pinwheels, maze puzzles, and spinning tops.

The best way to enjoy your Fourth of July party is to relax and have fun. How wonderful it is to be with family and friends to celebrate Independence Day and feel like you’re home away from home. Whether you choose to light your own firecrackers or watch night fireworks at the park, your red, white, and blue themed party is certainly an event to brighten up your winter with a bang.

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