Wedding Anniversary Themes for the Golden Couple

image001A golden wedding anniversary is a monumental milestone in a couple’s married life. It calls for a big celebration with family, relatives, and friends honouring a couple who has reached the 50th year of their blissful union. While there are traditions being followed when celebrating the happy occasion, it can be given a few twists by incorporating some wedding anniversary themes to make it more glittery, romantic, and memorable.

The most common way to celebrate is by throwing a grand party. When it comes to events like this, it is important to consider wedding anniversary themes that can truly reflect the essence of the celebration. Because it is a golden wedding anniversary, it is easy to understand why everything has to be gold.

  • An Affair of Gold – Centering everything on gold can be done in many ways. The gold-lettered invitation can serve as a feeler of what kind of event is being celebrated. Cover the chairs in gold fabric, and use china with golden edges. Champagne is a fitting toast to the couple as they sit under a gazebo with intertwining gold twigs, hanging gold leaves, and gold 50th anniversary party swirls. Tie the napkins with gold metallic ribbon, and line up gold candles in the couple’s table. If there’s more vacant space, fill them with gold-colored balloons so that every nook and cranny sticks to the golden wedding theme.
  • Choosing a Theme – One way of incorporating gold is to conceptualize somethingimage003 that has to do with gold, like a gold rush. For this particular theme, design the invitation with a treasure map to give guests the idea that they are in for a gold treasure hunt during the party. Indicate on the invitation that guests must dress fitting to the theme. Decorate the venue with Western-themed cutouts of bars, stables, mountains, and pots of gold. Attach them to the walls. When guests arrive, announce that they have to search the entire party area to look for anything gold in order to bring home their loot. Be creative in thinking of gold items such as gold frame, gold can, etc. Use table scatters – gold stars and scatter those around 50th anniversary weighted centrepiece in gold and black.
  • A Date with History – Center the theme on the actual date the couple was married. For example, if the wedding took place in the early ‘60s, pattern the invitation to mimic a newspaper headlining the couple’s nuptials. Make several duplicates in larger version and use them to decorate a wall or to serve as a backdrop where the couple is seated during the night. Ask guests to come in the ‘60s outfit. Adorn tables with psychedelic patterns, large flowers, and peace signs. Play rock and roll music, or some Beatles’ songs to permeate the sights and sounds of the wedding era.
  • Remembering Yesterday and Today – A favourite among wedding anniversary themes is to create a short movie showing how far the couple has journeyed together as husband and wife. Collect photos of their sweetheart days, wedding day, image005honeymoon cruise, early family life up to the present time. Create the movie using any movie maker application and burn in several copies of DVD. The children of the couple, and some close friends will be delighted to have their own personal copy.

Half a century of staying married to the same person is truly the hallmark of a lasting marriage. Because only few couples are able to reach their golden year together, it becomes more important to make the occasion special and memorable by creating inspirational wedding anniversary themes. Whether it is a grand party or a simple family gathering, a well-planned 50th anniversary party adds up to the collection of fond memories to be treasured by the couple.

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