5 Best Australia Day Party Ideas You Can Easily Recreate

Australia Day is the most important day in the calendar of any patriotic Aussie! It’s a celebration filled with various activities including but not limited to food and music festival. Whether you’re commemorating with the rest of the country on the day of the event itself or just want to recreate it in your home, you can quickly do so with these five party ideas.

australian_flag_bunting_7_metresPatriotic Fence

What better way to show your patriotism for your beloved Australia than by going public about it. Your guests will know you’re ready to fight for your country even as they approach your house with some red, white, and blue bunting loosely draped on your picket fence. It’s a stunning visual for your front yard, especially if you paint some of your terracotta planters red, white, and blue, as well. Make them extra peppy, too, with blooms carrying the same shade as the Australian flag!

Flags, Streamers, and Lanterns

Continue showing your nationalism by decorating the living room with Australian flags and red, white, and blue streamers or lanterns. You can come up with your own streamers using crepe papers, or you can purchase ready-made ones from your favourite party store. Now, make sure you don’t overdo it, but hang the decors in strategic places. You don’t have to fill the entire ceiling with lanterns or every wall or corner with streamers. However, make sure you have them above the dining table, as well as the backdrop.

be50806-rwbAustralian Flag Table Decor

The way your party is set will contribute to the ambience of the party, and since it’s an Australia Day-themed event, it makes sense to give your table an Australian flag look. Doing so won’t cost you much, and it’s not that difficult to do either. All you need are two colours of crepe papers, red and blue. Depending on the size of your table, you can cut five strips of crepe papers for each colour, each 1.5 inches wide. Let the red crepe paper run horizontally and the blue one vertically, weaving them together, placing them on just one side of the table. Of course, your table cloth should be a plain white one to highlight the red and blue. If you’re wondering about the stars, well, you can buy those table napkins with red and blue stars print on them to complete the look.

Australia Day Party Treats

Wow the crowd with some simple Australia Day treats for your party. Cooked prawns are always a winner. How about some sausage rolls? Punch will always be a crowd pleaser, so don’t forget to add them to the menu. Koala Cookies should also be fun to serve, especially if you have children to decorate them. And speaking of children, you can have the kids enjoy cooking some damper over backyard fire. Just make sure an adult is present to supervise them. And for your dessert, you can go healthy with some fruits on stick. Keep it gold and green to show your love for Australia Day!

SOU6474Face Paint & Masks

Complete the celebration by letting everyone wear masks and face paints. Kids, in particular, will love this, although adults should join in the fun, as well. You can have your oil-based paints and masks ready, but if you want to save time, you can simply hire a professional face painter.

That’s it! With these ideas, you will surely have a meaningful and fun Australia Day-themed party!


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