Rustic Outdoor Party Ideas

Autumn in Australia is fast approaching, and Aussies can start expecting the weather to begin to get cooler. What a perfect time to throw an outdoor party! And not just any outdoor party, but a rustic outdoor party! Here are a few ideas for an intimate and cozy get-together with your friends and loved ones.

Kraft_Mini_BlakboardThe Decors

One of the best things about outdoor parties is that you’re not forced to spend much on the decors since you can always integrate nature into your party’s overall look. If you live in the country, take advantage of what you already have like flowers in the garden maybe. Give your venue a farm-to-table look by using leafy garlands around the table. You can use eucalyptus or even blue thistle to achieve a variety of colour and texture. Even if you’re in the city, you can still achieve this look by decorating the place with lots of flowers. You might also want to opt for flower vases that don’t require a lot of arranging skills. For easy interactions among guests, keep the centrepieces closer to the centre of the table. Lighting is also very important for an outdoor party. String globe lights through the space to add to the ambiance; these are inexpensive and can really light up the party as twilight comes.

The Table Setting

Rustic is represented by modern lines that are clean and simple. Keep your table design straightforward yet elegant. Keep the colours neutral, too, so that the shades of the food are highlighted instead. Again, take advantage of nature and use live greenery and natural woods for the design if they are readily available. Use white linens, as well as brass and silver utensils. Even for your tabletop items, make sure that they are kept simple, with a clean and natural look. Bring in a hint of nature through natural linen runners and napkins, plates, and silverware. Don’t forget to use lots of candles in glass or lanterns; they’ll create the atmosphere and beautify your table at the same time.

platter-palm_leaf-platterThe Food

The afternoon is the best time to have your rustic outdoor party, so when thinking about food to serve, consider a fall feast dinner, highlighting autumn season produce such as apples, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, and pears. To jumpstart your guests’ appetites, serve some sweet and salty salad with arugula, watermelon, and salted feta cheese. Serve the dinner family-style to give everyone a sense of family and community. If you’re serving pizza, you can also place some heirloom tomatoes on the table to act as centerpieces. For your drinks, you can go for wine such as Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, or Cabernet Franc. But before you serve the food and drinks, make sure you give your guests a hint of what’s to come. Create DIY menu cards by printing the “courses” onto card stock paper and then placing them on top of dishtowels at each place setting.

With these ideas on hand, you will surely help your guests remember everything they’ve experienced long after the party!

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