A Pink Party for the Blushing Debutante

For centuries and throughout various cultures, a young lady’s 18th birthday is celebrated to mark her transition from childhood to independence and responsibility. This milestone signals her entry into society. She’s a young girl no more, but a young woman who is ready to face her inner self and the world. Before she can do that, her family and friends are first honoring her by throwing a bash to welcome her coming of age officially.

How do you pick a party theme for a vibrant girl who’s turning 18? The theme is theimage001 first consideration that needs to be worked out from where other elements of the party are based upon. The easiest way would be to play with the color wheel and in most likelihood; it stops at pink! Pink is a goldmine of inspiration for girls’ parties. It is the ultimate color representing what a young lady is all about: sophisticated, dainty, playful, and versatile. It is appropriate for girls of all ages and it can be paired with any other color without losing its own personality.

Here are some creative ideas in predominantly pink setting:

Pink and Black Party: The invitation must specify that pink and black are the colors that guests should be wearing in order to be allowed entry to the party. For image002that, women have endless options to come in pink outfit such as in a flamboyant bright pink Lady Gaga costume or as a jumbo pink baby bottle. On the other hand, men can easily don the MIB classic look. However, exploring online store can yield various choices ranging from gangster pin stripe suit  to authentic sheriff costume.

Decorate the tables with pale pink tablecloths with glitz silver and black 18th birthday scatters. On every table, place a glitzy silver and black weighted table decoration with pink pompoms. Hang glittering magenta Happy Birthday strings over the food station for drama. Guests will be wowed in seeing the line-up of food prepared that includes black bean dip with white tortilla chips, pasta Alfredo, blackened chicken, black forest cake, and black cherry soda.

Barbie Party for Grownups: Even if the birthday girl is turning 18, it doesn’timage004 mean she’s saying goodbye to her childhood friend, Barbie. Of course, the celebrant will be wearing something pink. However, because she’s already a young woman, she now has a ticket to wear something sexier than Barbie like a gorgeous pink princess dress with ruched hemline or a pretty pink fairy halter neck dress with tulle skirt. Barbie’s house must be propped with hot pink feather boas and latex balloons in hues of pink, lavender, and rose to provide that all-glam diva touches befitting the celebrant’s personality. To maintain the quintessential pink motif, why don’t you place cotton candy as centerpieces in the buffet table? Surely, guest will be delighted to take the sweet treat as they help themselves with roasted pork loin drizzled with raspberry sauce, pink salmon, shrimp cocktail, and pink lemonade. See to it that the candy bowl is refilled once all the pink velvet candies are gone.

All Girls Glitzy Pink Party: Just for the evening, allow the birthday girl and her friends to act as grown-ups in a Hollywood-theme party. This calls for wearing ladies fancy dresses, bling and jewelry, wigs, and other accessories all in the image006shade of pink. Dress the table in pale pink tablecloth then set up with pink plates, cutlery, and napkins. Arrange for a formal dinner of sparkling pink drink, prawn cocktail, spring rolls, stuffed mushrooms, and strawberry mousse. For the celebrant and her friends, this may be their first taste of an adult dinner. Consider hiring a DJ for the girls’ session at the dance floor. Before the girls leave, give each one a pink polka dot gift box with pink nail polish, lip-gloss, body cologne, and other beauty essentials young ladies crave for.

An eighteenth birthday is indeed a momentous occasion for a young lady. Let her bid goodbye to childhood and welcome womanhood with a big bang by throwing a party that she’ll remember for a long time.

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