Adults also Want to have Holiday Fun

The holiday season is a busy time for adults, what with all the planning they do for image001family Christmas parties, as well as parties for their kids, too. After all the hullabaloo, it’s only right that adults plan a party of their own even if they have to do it long after the season is over and done with. A post-Christmas adult party is a great time to stop worrying about the children so make sure to plan for an event that will not make your guests feel guilty for leaving the kids at home.

The Planning Details that Go in an Adult Party

Whether you decide to have the party at home or in a rented place, one month is enough time to get all your planning acts together. However, you need to finalize the location to include the details on the invitation to be sent out. Renting a place may eat up a chunk of your budget, but it saves you from lots of hassles, including cleaning the venue after the party. However, if you want to save money, then a room in the house or the garden is also an ideal party area. In a season that is bedecked with Christmas trimmings, all you need are few party accessories and decorations to match the theme. A wise move is to visit an online shop to find the supplies that you still lack.

Guest List and Invitation: Identifying people you want to invite enables you to budget how much food and drinks to prepare. Knowing who to invite allows you to prepare yourself on how to become an effective host. It’s also important to send out the invitation on the right time to make sure people can attend. Gently indicate that the party is an adults-only affair so those receiving the invitation can arrange for a babysitting service if needed.

Party Theme and Decorations: Hundreds of themes are there for the taking when planning an exclusive adults’ party – from letters, colors, movies, decades to image003occasions, and more. If you think an alphabet or color-themed party is just for kids then you’re wrong because even adults will enjoy being surrounded by things inspired by letters and the color wheel. For example, you may ask your guests to bring anything that starts with the letter R, or is colored yellow to be able to gain entry. On your part, you need to decorate the place with yellow or gold party supplies to complement the Christmas trimmings (which you haven’t put down yet) around.

The nice thing about dressing up the venue for an adult party is there’s no worry of little tykes messing around, breaking fragile ornaments, or pulling down the trimmings. If you’re having the party at home, you can display your expensive collections and set up pillar candles in clear glass hurricane lamp to create a festive and sophisticated mood. With the kids safely away from the party scene, it’s time to bring out your precious china collections, crystals and fine linens for an elegant holiday bash with your adult friends.

Food and Drinks: If you are preparing the food yourself, plan the menu a week before the party. Within that period, you’ll be able to complete all the ingredients you’ll need for the dishes you’re planning to serve. Consider having several tables across the party area where you can serve different sets of menu and allow guests to mingle as they go around filling their plates with certain food they like. Reserve a table for the array of appetizers, such as cheesy nachos with hot chili dip, chicken quesadillas, and grilled shrimp skewers. On another table, line up the main courses consisting of Mexican Yucca meat pie, lamb chops, pasta with mozzarella, and fish fillet.

Guests will surely forget their dietary restrictions when they see that another table image005is filled with decadent desserts spiked with drizzles of bourbon or vodka. Offer your guest with chocolate chip cheesecake with cupcake picks, mousse, and pudding, Tuscan almond biscuits. Break up big pieces of your sweet decadents into bite sizes to invite everyone to pick a little of everything. The kitchen counter or mini-bar must be stocked with cocktail drinks of rum punch, piña colada, or ginger lemonade that guests can choose to pour onto their martini glass.

Games and Activities: Party games are the perfect icebreakers. Moreover, when it comes to games, adults are like little kids who want to win. Whether you’re playing a theme-related or intellectual game, make sure that the activities you’ve lined up will keep the adults up on their toes to avoid being thrown out of the court. In an adult party, the one who laughs last is a loser.

Enjoy your post-Christmas

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