‘Alice In Wonderland’ Party Inspiration On A Budget

An Alice In Wonderland-themed party is definitely one of the most intimidating parties to plan and prepare. In reality, though, you can throw one for your darling little daughter without having to break the bank. A great way to do that is by having a story woven around the party. This can usually be done with a simple treasure hunt interlinked with food, games, and prizes.

cut outsDown The Rabbit Hole

You can start the first part of the program by handing out origami rabbits to each of the guests. Ask the children to decorate the rabbits, and the child who gets to come up with the most creative rabbit will be given the privilege to unfold the paper rabbit and read the clue for the second part of the hunt. The first clue should tell them to “go down the rabbit hole” where they will find the next clue.

Drink Me

You can have the third clue tell the kids to search for ways to unlock the next clue. The clue can tell them to unlock a door using a hidden key. Have a tray full of bottles with “Drink Me” labels prepared for the kids, so they can have a drink first before moving forward. Attach the next clue to one of the straws, so the kids could easily find it. alice cups

Eat Me

For the fourth clue, set up a tray full of cupcakes, each with an “Eat Me” label attached to it. The kids could choose any cake they want to eat. As they eat, they will discover that the next clue is hidden inside one of the cupcakes. The clue should tell them that they need to be on time for — you guessed it — …a tea party! You can hide the clue behind a clock inside the house.

Tea Time!

centrepcThe final clue is not actually a clue, but an invitation to the Mad Hatter’s tea party!You won’t really have to purchase a lot of stuff for a party like this. For the origami rabbits, you can use pieces of paper that are already available at home. If you have an old deck of cards, you can glue some together to come up with a “crown” for the Queen of Hearts.

And since it’s a tea party, there’s no need to prepare a lot of food. It’s also definitely going to be set in the afternoon or before dinner, so the guests won’t have to expect a full meal. Don’t forget to take advantage of available flowers and plants in the garden that you can use to decorate the long table.

Finally, you can ask the kids beforehand to come wearing their best impression of characters from Alice in Wonderland. This way, you won’t have to worry about purchasing costumes for them.

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