Amazing and Truly Unexpected Things to do with Balloons

No party is ever complete without balloons. These flexible bags made of polychloroprene, latex, or rubber to give an instant boost of colour and energy to any celebration. They’re also very straightforward. You blow them up and secure them with a string, and you can enjoy them for hours. Their simplicity, though, is where the challenge lies sometimes. Some parties do well with just the traditional balloon decorations, but others require something more unique. Here are some ideas to spice up your balloon decorations.

1505024_Autumn-EleganceFlower Balloons

Balloon flower decorations are perfect to hang on walls or set as table centrepieces. Small balloons are the best size for this craft, five for the petals, and a couple of more for the “seed.” The centre ones should be smaller and of a different colour or design. Blow up two small balloons first and tie them together. Blow up the next three and tie them as well. Next, blow up the smaller balloons and attach them to the petals. Now, you can either hang them as wall adornments or as table decors.

Glitter Balloons

Another way to upgrade the look of plain ol’ balloons is by adding glitter to them. You’ll need fine iridescent glitter for this project. You can either pour the glitter into each balloon or simply glue them on the balloons. Regardless of which method you use, make sure you don’t fill the balloons with glitter. The ideal outcome is for each balloon to look as if they’ve been dipped in a pool of glitter so that they’re only highlighted halfway. Once you’re done working with each balloon, you can hang them upside down on the ceiling like disco balls.

57791B_F&BConfetti Balloons

This works like glitter balloons, but this time, you’ll use confetti instead of glitter. Gather some tissue-paper confetti and sprinkle them inside non-inflated balloons. Use just enough amounts for each balloon. Next, blow up the balloons and shake them to dispense the confetti inside the balloons. You can now hang them on the ceiling or spread them on the floor.

Painted Balloons

You’ll need to use your drawing and painting skills on this one, and use only latex balloons, as they work best with acrylic paint. Also, make sure you use acrylic paint pen instead of a paintbrush. For best results, consider using a template or pattern for the designs. For instance, if you have a tropical theme, you can cut out a palm leaf template using a piece of cardboard. You then place it on top of the balloon and begin painting all over the balloon.

1505041_NY-Glamour-ArchGiant Aisle Balloons

This idea works well for events where guests need to walk down an aisle. What you’ll need are extra large helium balloons, each secured to the ground with a string at least six feet long. It’s up to you if you’re going to decorate the balloons themselves, but the highlight are the strings, which you should hide by covering with colourful ribbons, crepe paper streamers, or polka dot paper garlands.

Flower Balloons Version 2.0

For this design, you’re not simply forming a flower out of balloons, but are using actual flowers as accents. If fresh flowers are not readily available, don’t hesitate to use plastic flowers instead. You’ll need to inflate the balloons first and each one with a curling ribbon. Next, clip the flowers off the stem, preferably cutting the stem down to an inch short. The magic happens as you glue the flower to the base of the balloon where it’s tied!

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