Awesome Ideas for the Best End of Summer Party

Bring the summer to a close with an end of summer party. It’s your one last hoorah before the fall cooler season arrives, so take advantage of the outdoors while there’s still time left. Here are some fun ideas for a memorable end of summer bash!

60085Outdoor Movie Marathon

Summer is the best time for movie marathons. School’s out after all, and everybody a lot of free time to do what they want. But why spend your time on the couch watching TV when you can bring the excitement outside? An outdoor movie night is the best way you can do this. Invite the gang to your backyard for an entire night of the best family-friendly flicks. All you will need is a large white sheet and a projector, and you’re all set. Of course, it won’t be a party without party food, so don’t forget the menu. DIY popcorn bags are some of the best foods to serve for an outdoor movie party. Be sure to set up a corner for a mason jar candy bar, too. And for everyone to know when the film starts, place a chalkboard at the entrance with the schedule of the movies written on it. Distribute some throw pillows and snuggly blankets for comfort, and you’re ready to go!

beach-tropical-scene-setterBeach Bonfire

Savour the beach one last time with a bonfire party, the best conclusion to the best summer. Gather your friends and family around a fire while you play guitar and the kids eat S’mores. What’s great about beach parties is that you can take advantage of what nature gives you in terms of decoration, so all you need to worry now is the food. It’s a good thing beach party food is not that difficult to prepare. Aside from the S’mores, your guests can also enjoy some a hot dog bar where they can load up some extras after a quick roast. Kebabs, donuts, and corn on the cob should be on the list, too. Once eating time is over, there are tons of activities the guests can enjoy, such as word games, storytelling, and course, campfire singing.

be54175Through The Decades Party

A decades themed party is another exciting way to bid the summer goodbye. Phone up your friends and family and invite them to come over to your party representing their favourite decade. Dig up your collection of old movie and sports posters and hang them on the walls, and don’t forget to set up a corner for other memorabilia. To make the party more exciting, let the guests compete in dance contests. And at the end of the evening, award the person who has represented his or her decade the best.

54772alicephotofunsignsGarden Party

A party in the backyard is always a great way to say goodbye to summer. Get the party going by setting up a large canopy in the garden. Install strings of lights, too, and make sure you have a corner where the DJ can take command of the playlist for the evening. Finally, make sure there is food and drinks for everyone, including crispy fried chicken and onions, pickles, sausage corn dogs, beef sliders, and salad on a stick. Don’t forget blue lagoon cocktails and watermelon limeade for the drinks and ice cream sundae with brownie and fruit torches for the dessert!


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