New, Fun & Exciting Activities for Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is family Sunday, and whichever part of the world you are, you just can’t miss the fun and excitement this special day brings. Gather the family and try out these creative Easter Sunday activities!

NL2917-bunny-earsSecret Easter Bunny

This is similar to a Secret Santa, in a sense that it’s a fun and creative way to share gifts with family and friends during this season of Easter. All you need for this activity are baskets and some plastic eggs of various sizes. Fill the plastic eggs with different kinds of treats or gifts and place them all inside each of the baskets. Ask your kids to take the baskets and deliver them secretly at the doors of relatives or friends. Your loved ones will definitely be surprised by the thoughtful, yet anonymous gifts!

foil-board-easter-eggsGlow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Tired of the usual Easter egg hunt your family does on Easter Sunday? Why not add a twist? And by twist, we mean playing the game at night when it’s already dark. How would you do that? Well, by cracking glow sticks and placing them inside your Easter eggs! The game is played with normal rules, but the challenge is playing it after the sun has already set. There’s no doubt everyone will be thrilled trying to find one of these glowing treasures under cover in the night!

EN046FEaster Egg Relay

Take the kids outdoors for a fun game of Easter Egg Relay Race. It’s your traditional egg relay race but with a twist! You’ll need raw eggs painted with shells painted in bright colours and a set of spoons. Have the kids lined up on the lawn and mark an end point for the finish line. At the count of three, everybody goes as fast as they can, and the first one to reach the finish line  wins the game! You can also turn this into an indoor game too, but this time you can use hard-boiled or plastic eggs.

eastereastereggcutoutspkt4Capture The Egg

Nothing could be more louder and thrilling than this game. In fact, it should only be played outdoors. Gather everybody and divide the group into two. Each team should occupy each end of the playing field, with four eggs set in front of the groups. The goal of the game is for players to try and capture the eggs of the opposing team and bring them to their “camp” without being tagged. Yes, this is a game of tag, so expect everyone to go wild and crazy trying to tag each other just to prevent opposing players from stealing their eggs. Once a player gets tagged, he must “freeze” until he’s tagged by a teammate.

N29213Easter Egg Hunt Parents Version

Who says only kids can participate in Easter Egg hunts? In this version of the game, the kids hides the eggs and their parents finds them. And instead of treats, special coupons, movie tickets, and the like will be hidden inside the eggs. The kids can even have the freedom to place “special meals” or “skip-a-chore” tickets inside, and if the parents fail to find them, they will have to grant them to the kids.


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