Planning a Barbie-Themed Party for Your Teen’s Birthday

A Barbie-themed party is every girl’s wish. Do you have a teen who’s celebrating her birthday soon? Make her wish come true with a Barbie-themed celebration! Here’s what you need.

barbienapkinsColour Scheme

Before sending out the invites and planning the decorations, make sure you pick a colour scheme first. A Barbie party doesn’t always have to be pink. That’s okay if you’re throwing the event for a tween or a small child, but for a teen party, you want something that’s a bit sophisticated. Think blue, or black and white, for instance. Once you’ve decided, it’s time to send out the invites.

Barbie Invitations

You can always create a digital invitation and post it on Facebook event page, but that’s not enough. Make the guests feel special by sending them real invitation cards. There are hundreds of templates on the Internet, but why not make your own? Besides, many of the templates have a picture of Barbie as the background. For your invitation, have the picture of your teen herself grace the birthday card. In addition, make sure you prepare Thank You cards to give away a day after the event.

Barbie_FoilBarbie Birthday Banners

A birthday party won’t be complete without party banners. These decorations simply add to the festive atmosphere of the event. They can be hung over a door or window, over the stairs, over the backdrop, or even on dessert tables. The key is to hang them where everyone can see them. You can even fill the entire length of the ceiling with them. However, you want to see to it that they are customised to the theme of your party.

Life Size Barbie Box Photo Booth

Capture memories of the evening by setting up a Barbie-inspired photo booth. And by booth, we mean an actual booth where guests could enter and have their photos taken. Find a box that’s large and tall enough to fit up to two guests, and then decorate it so that it would look like a life-size Barbie box. This would mean cutting out letters that make up the Barbie logo and gluing them on the upper left side of the booth. You can even add some of the details found in an actual Barbie box, such as the Mattel logo usually found at the bottom left corner. There are a lot of ideas you can think of to make the box come alive. It’s up to you how creative you want to be.

BarbieIcingv3Barbie Treats & Refreshments

Satisfy your guests’ craving by serving Barbie party treats and drinks. Start off with some heart-shaped sandwiches, or cupcakes served on a Barbie-decorated stand. Popcorn cones will also definitely be a hit. Simply roll some card stock and use hot glue to keep the cone in place. Print Barbie logos, too, and glue them to the front of the cones. For your refreshments, pink lemonade is a must. Serve them in tall mason jars adorned with black ribbons or any colour or ribbon that complements that of the theme.

Barbie-Themed Party Games

The best thing about a Barbie-themed party is that you can be as creative as you want with the games. One game the girls will surely enjoy is the Barbie Scavenger hunt. Divide the guests into teams and give each one of them an undressed Barbie (or Ken) doll. Show them pictures of how they should dress the dolls and send them on a hunt to look for the items they need.

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