Believable Makeup Tricks for Themed Parties

image001When you are invited to a party, regardless of theme, your first thought is always on what you’re going to wear. Just as importantly, you also think of what you’re going to put on your face. Putting on make-up to match up with the party theme can be a little tricky. There is always the desire to be glamorous, notwithstanding the theme, whether it’s a Hollywood & Awards Night, Valentine’s Day, or Halloween & Friday 13th Eve, so that all eyes are set on you.

The key to achieve a flawless look lies in knowing the basic tricks in makeup application and in using the right range of makeup products. Take the cue from performers in theatre, opera, ballet, vaudeville, etc. who rely on Mehron Professional Makeup Range to look their best when they come out to face their audience. Like them, you can also become the star of the party by following these simple steps to apply makeup inspired by the golden decades of the past.

image003Gatsby Gal of the Roaring 20’s: Stay away from makeup that glitters. Instead, use light olive pressed powder to create a good base of paleness that characterized the skin during this era. Outline the lips with a cupid bow shape on top of the lips and use deep red lipstick to exaggerate a pout. Apply black or grey eye shadows then darken the eyes with black liner and several thick coats of mascara. Wear a Charlston head band and pearl white flapper beads to complete the look.

image005Seductive Monroe of the Fifties: Makeup in the 1950’s has a bit of influences taken from the 20’s. If you’re coming to the party as a sultry vamp, keep the skin pale but outline the lips and color it with deep red. Accentuate the cheekbones by sweeping Kabuki brush upward to create a rosy blush for the face. Go for lighter shade for the eyes, and use extra coats of mascara on overly curled lashes. Wear your hair as loose curls to allow it to jiggle as you swing in your fantastic pale pink and white poodle dress. Stay near those 1950’s cut outs to show you’re perfectly made up for the night.

Twiggy-Look of the Sixties: The Twiggy mod-look of The Sixties is heavily on the black and white side. The focus is mainly on the eyes so image009apply pale color for the lips. Use long black eyelashes and create clumps that are spaced apart by thick mascara. Coat the lids with white eye shadow. If you prefer to be a flower-child hippie for the night, color the eyes with brighter shade of green, blue, or orange. Braid the hair while still wet then squirt generous hairspray to create a messy crimped look once you unravel your mane at the party scene. Whether you come as Twiggy or image007hippie, pick the right 1960’s fancy dress and accessories to match your face and the colorful set up of Hippie tye dyed decorations.

Disco Girl of the ‘70s: The fashion statement for the decade was expressive and fun. Expect many disco decorations in a party that uses the 70’s for a theme. You’re a sure hit when you choose to wear the 1970’s disco girl costume with psychedelic pattern. Match the sparkling swirls with bright pink of fuchsia lipstick and bright eye shadows. Create fine lines to highlight the lids with fuchsia Mehron glitter fine detail gel makeup. Accessorize with a pair of equally glittering disco ball pierced earrings.

image011The 80’s Material or Punky Lassie: Recreate the 1980’s fashion of overly bright and layered clothing with bold and flashy makeup. If you want to use Madonna for your makeup inspiration, darken your eyes and paint the lips with bright pink shimmer. Toss up the hair or wear the material girl wild child wig to achieve the ‘80s look to the max. If you’re going as a punky girl, jazz up your look by choosing vibrant eye shadows and blending them together. Keep the lips bright with hot pink or purple lipstick.

Looking good at parties is just as important as looking and feeling comfortable. Make sure that your makeup style fits the party theme and matches the fancy outfit you’re wearing. While there are certain looks to follow, make sure your makeup remains comfortable enough not to distract you from enjoying the party food or activities in the event. Most importantly, don’t forget to clean the makeup off your face. Sleeping with your makeup still on is one of the worst things you can do for your skin so take time to remove them all before calling it a day.

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