Wintry Kind of Party Fun for Your Little Elsa or Little Anna

image001Your young daughter has an upcoming birthday, and you want to host a “Frozen” themed party for her. You’re already imagining how the current craze will transform your little girl into Princess Elsa or Anna in her own party. Thankful that organizing a Frozen party is actually easy, you start to shop for party essentials in local stores. Then you begin to freeze as you’re struck with the news that most of the Disney Frozen themed party supplies you want are already sold out and there aren’t enough left to rock your little girl’s bash. What do you do?

Don’t lose heart. The best thing that you can do is to shop in a one-stop online store with complete range of Disney Frozen party supplies you need, and you’re on your way to throwing an amazing Frozen party. Once you have secured everything to recreate the film’s wintry scenes to help your sweet little princess feel she’s celebrating her special day in the kingdom of Arendelle, use these ideas to get you started.

Set the stage. With Disney Frozen party decorations at hand and little creativity, there’s no way you can fail in setting up your own home just like in the movie. Here’s how.

  • Run the snow machine to have continuous snowfall during party highlights such as blowing of the cake or opening of gifts. Make sure to stock enough snow machine liquid.

image005Now it’s time to dress up your little girl to fulfill her dream of becoming Princess Anna or Elsa. Browse through the range of Disney Frozen party dress and accessories to make the birthday celebrant stand out in her own party even as she lets her hair down trying to win the prizes for games you’ve lined up for the party.

  • Reindeer Relay. Create reindeer antlers using patterns available in the internet. Let the kids form and work together as teams to race up the North Mountain to bring ice cubes with just a spoon in the mouth. The first team to build a mountain wins.
  • Pin the Carrot Nose on Olaf. Cut carrot-shaped noses using pelt fabric. Instead of pin, attach a piece of sticky tape on one side of the pattern to avoid accident. The nearest nose wins a prize.

Serve Frozen treats that warm the heart. Thinking of what food to serve in the Frozen themed party need not leave you cold. If you want to go all out in serving food and drinks with a Frozen twist then you need to put all your creative juices to make these homemade yummy treats.

  • To save on expensive cake, simply bake or order plain cupcakes from your favorite bakeshop and use your special touches to decorate them as gorgeous mini cakes. Cake decorating can also be one of the party activities. Fill blue, white, and silver bowls with toppings like blue sugar crystals, white jellies, and silver fairy floss to allow the wee guests to make their own masterpiece of a cupcake.
  • Offer something healthy by filling a platter with baby carrots, cheddar cheese balls, and ranch dip. Leave the kids to create their own version of yummy Olaf the Snowman using different sizes of cookies.
  • Dip marshmallows into melted white chocolate then drizzle with sugar crystals. Insert onto pop stick then place edible snowflake at the tip. Each child cannot help but feel like a fairy waving a magic wand that is also fun to eat.
  • Concoct a delicious snowball punch as the star beverage for the party. Use any blue-tinted beverage and mix it with lemon-lime soda. Scoop vanilla ice cream on the kids’ punch cups and see the delight on their faces as the drink begins to foam right before their eyes.

image009This delicious menu is certainly one to break the ice, especially with a table setting filled with Frozen party tableware that are just perfect for added fun.

When the party is over, hand the kids snowflake treat bags with drawstring. As they peek to see what’s in the pouch you can almost hear them sing “Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back any m-oooo-ooo-re! You can’t help but smile knowing you have successfully captured the magic, adventure, and fun of Frozen the movie in one epic party for your darling princess.

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