Bring Home the Barbie on ANZAC Day

image002ANZAC Day is an important annual holiday marked in Australian and New Zealand calendars. ANZAC stands for Australians and New Zealand Army Corps, a name used to refer to soldiers of both countries who were sent in an Allied Mission to capture the Gallipoli peninsula, then part of the Ottoman Empire during the World War I. The mission was meant to be quick, but the ANZAC soldiers were stuck fighting against the enemies for eight months. After massive casualties, they were finally evacuated.

Today, ANZAC isn’t merely a shortened name but it is a source of pride for all Australians and Kiwis alike. Every April 25th, people celebrate ANZAC Day to commemorate the sacrifices made by thousands of Australian and Kiwi soldiers. The day is observed with the early Dawn Service, a touching memorial ceremony for veterans and something that the public also like to attend. There are other services, parades, and even sports activities all throughout the day.

Citizens across the country are celebrating in their own way to pay their respects. So if you have started the day early by joining the ANZAC Day Dawn Service, why not make the most of the day and host your own ANZAC-themed party with friends and family. Call in your mates to enjoy grilled fares, a few beers, and some activities as your way of paying tribute to the brave ANZAC soldiers.

A Laidback ANZAC Day Barbeque Party in the Backyard

Invites: Take advantage of this glorious day for a casual catch-up with the special people in your life. Send out your personalized invite a week or two prior to the outdoor event so that your friends can block off the day for it can be hectic with almost everyone throwing a party on ANZAC Day.

Decorations: When decorating the backyard for the national holiday, consider the traditions and rituals that are typically ANZAC. Along with all the ANZAC Day party supplies you can get from a one-stop online shop, here are other essential décor items to include.

  • image004Flags: What better way to show Aussie loyalty than to hang a large Australian flag. Fill the area with inflatable Australian flag to create a patriotic ambience. Go all out with Australian print paper plates, cups, and napkins which are all perfect for a non-clean after party event like yours.
  • Red poppies: Apart from being traditionally associated with Remembrance Day on November 11, red poppies have also been linked to ANZAC Day, reminiscent of the blooming poppies in Gallipoli during the heroic mission. Scatter red pom pom fluffy tissue all over the place or bundle a bunch as centrepiece on the buffet table.
  • Wreaths: Offering flower wreaths has been an important part of ANZAC Day memorial services as they are laid on graves and shrines in honor of the fallen. Gather some branches and flowers to form small wreaths as table setting accent.
  • Badges: Encourage friends to wear war badges that your or their war veteran relatives may have. Wear them proudly as you relate and listen to some ANZAC heroic tales.

Serve Traditional Dishes

While the bar-b-q sign at the entrance tells guests that they can expect roasts on the table, you can also serve other Australian-themed dishes bursting with aromatic rosemary, another important ANZAC symbol. Pop sprigs of rosemary on image005every platter of dishes like your own version of damper, lamingtons, and meat pie. Don’t miss the customary ANZAC biscuits to complement those mouth-watering green and gold iced cupcakes and pavlova slices stuck with Australian flag toothpicks.

Put the beers inside Aussie inflatable cooler to ice down all your drinks in fun style. As Australian etiquette stipulates, guests invited to a barbeque party at home are supposed to contribute to the alcohol supply by bringing a six-pack or more of beer. Depending on the size of the guest list, undrunk beers can be taken home. However, if it’s a large party, the remaining bottles or cans are left as a gesture of thanks. In some cases, though, people without the required case of beer get away by bringing potato salad to be added to the line-up in the buffet table.

Meaningful ANZAC Day Activities

  • A great way to start the party is to observe a minute of silence to remember the fallen soldiers. You may also ask someone to recite the famous poem or the fourth stanza of “For the Fallen” by Laurence Binyon as a fitting tribute to the heroes.
  • Play or sing traditional hymns usually sung at ANZAC Day services.
  • Discuss the important role played by women during the war. Aside from taking care of the home and children, and coping with grief and fear for their soldier husbands, women were also actively involved in war stricken zones as nurses and cooks.
  • Teach children about the history of ANZAC to develop their patriotism and love image007for country. Fill red paper loot bags with Australian lanyard, party horns, hand-held windmill, and other ANZAC-themed favors to help kids become culturally sensitive to what the day stands for.

Bring out that grill and heat up the charcoal for the traditional roast. With all the ideas provided here, who says you can’t let your mind and spirit head Down Under to celebrate ANZAC Day like the rest of all Australians and Kiwis?

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