DIY Beach-Inspired Decorations to Spruce Up Your Home

You love the summer, and everything about it – the warm weather, the beach, the sand – but your dilemma is, you can’t visit the ocean anytime soon. That’s actually not a problem. If you can’t get to the beach, make the beach come to you! That’s right. With a few DIY tricks, you can transform your home so that it’s as if you’re at your favourite beach.


Coastal Mirror

A plain old mirror can be the fairest of them all with the help of a few touches. Whether it’s a round mirror or a rectangular one, you can inject it with a dose of the summer ocean by wrapping some rope around the mirror. All you need is a hot-glue gun and a few meters of twisted sisal rope. Attach the rope so that it becomes the frame of the mirror, looping back several times, depending on how many rows you want. Once the glue has dried, and the rope is securely attached, you can then begin to adorn the new frame with some starfish. If your mirror has a ledge, you can also fill it with a thick layer of tiny seashells for some final touches.

Netted Jars

Decorative jars are an excellent replacement for traditional shelf figurines, especially when they’re given a coastal-inspired look. Collect some old mason jars (preferably the coloured ones) and wrap each one with decorative fisherman netting. Use some hemp twine to wrap the netting around the mouth of the jar and secure them in place. That, of course, in addition to some craft adhesive applied to the netting. The glue should dry overnight, and once the netting and hemp twine are secured, you can begin adding some sand, shells, or even starfish inside the jars. There’s no way you won’t catch some compliments from guests when they see these beautiful things on top of the living room or kitchen shelves.


Mini Terrarium Centrepieces

Terrariums are the perfect place to showcase your beach treasure finds. They require no maintenance at all and are also very easy to craft. All you need is an unused wine glass, beach sand, and of course, your collections from your recent trips to the beach. Start by adding a layer of sand to the bottom of the glass and fill the container with water. You can then add your beach treasures after that. Shells and small beach stones will set the tone, but you can also add a moss ball to bring the terrarium to life.

Scented Seashell Candles

Turning seashells into decorative candles is a simple way to make use of your beach collections. This one is relatively easy, but you’ll need to be extra careful since it requires the use of heat. The idea is to make candles with seashells as their base. To do this, you can either use scented tealight candles or candle wax and wicks. If you’re using a tealight candle, you’ll need to take separate the wick from the candle and melt the wax. Pour the melted wax into a shell and place the wick with the metal plate on it. Once the wax has hardened completely, you can start enjoying your new scented seashell candles!

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