Cute Flip Flops & Accessories for Your Upcoming Hawaiian Party

hawaiian-partyHaving a Hawaiian party does not only allow you to throw a celebration for a loved one or for yourself. It is also not limited to being able to gather together with friends and catch up with each other’s lives — things that you missed due to your busy schedules at work and in your personal lives. Having a Hawaiian party also allows you to explore your creative juices and get busy with the planning and the actual creation of the trinkets and souvenirs that you get to share with friends and families during the celebration.

Flip flops are one of the most common Hawaiian-inspired accessories that you can create on your own or buy online as part of your celebration. You can give this as personalised souvenir for every guest in your party. Imagine setting up a reception area where your guests can get their free cute flip flop souvenirs in advance and wear them right at the party venue. That would be real cute.hawaiian-flowers

As for costumes, you are not limited with the usual grass skirts and luau necklaces for your party. You can also opt to wear floral skirts for women and floral shirts for men to cover your swimsuits underneath. You’ll blend in with the festive vibe of the venue decorated with colourful flowers and other Hawaiian-inspired decorations. It would be advisable to make a list of the party supplies that you will be including in the party to be able to ensure that everything is in its proper place during the actual event.

hawaiian-skirtPlastic and inflatable palm trees are also staple decorations you can include in your party decorations. Beach balls and beach towels should also be accessible for your guests. Sunscreen and disposable cameras are also something your guests can bring along especially if you have a swimming pool in the venue.

There are also a lot of party favors that you can create on your own for the party. Flower head dresses or clips with real or plastic flowers can be given away as souvenirs for your guests. Men, on the other hand, can wear seashell necklaces, courtesy of your creative hands as well. As for decorations, big, colourful paper flowers hanged around your chairs, the tent, or arranged on the center table can make the party venue look bright and relaxing at the same time.hawaiian-costume

Balloons are also a must-have decoration for any party. Instead of the usual inflatable circular balloons, you can opt for aluminum ones that come in flower shapes or have the circular ones printed to make them look like beach balls.

Flowers and bright colours will definitely enhance the festive ambiance in your Hawaiian-inspired party.

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