Hawaiian Hair Dresses and Accessories Perfect for Your Luau Party

FOIL BALLOON - TIKI SHAPEA Feast. This is what a Luau party is all about.  It is a public celebration where families and friends get the chance to gather and enjoy good company, good music, good food, and good times together. It would even be memorable to have several guests spontaneously play ukulele or a guitar where kids and adults alike can sing and dance the hula. This is definitely a great opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends for different occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, wedding receptions, reunions, or simply an excuse to party.

Another great thing about Hawaiian parties are the costume, accessories, and hair dresses. Even if you are not in Hawaii, having a Luau party at home complete with the works and the festivities is worth your efforts in party planning. The atmosphere is indeed a very relaxing and entertaining venue where you can simply enjoy time with your loved ones.

One of the favorite and staple look for your Hawaiian-inspired party are the costumes and decorations. Hair dresses, pinatas, flip flops, and colorful flowers are definitely party essentials that your guests and party venue should have. hawaiian

So what’s the basic and essential hair dresses and accessories for your Hawaiian party?


Flower leis are authentic staples every Luau party should have. It is a garland or necklace that are made of real flowers, silk flowers, shells, nuts, leaves and sometimes feathers. In Hawaiian culture, a guest wearing a lei is considered as the guest of honor or the VIP in the event. Some, on the other hand, give leis to express love, appreciation, as well as to show respect. If you intend to have all of your guests wear leis in the party, you can make your guest of honor wear an extra special one: a fancier designed one to stand out from the rest.

Kukui nut garlands

Your male guests might feel awkward wearing flower necklaces for your event. Instead of flower leis, you can make male necklaces made of the popular kukui nut or green leafy veins. Shell accessories can also be added to the design of this garland to set them apart from the garlands used by women.

Fresh blooms

Create simple hair dresses for your female guests from plumeria blooms to turn your party into a tropical paradise. These flowers can also be used to decorate your buffet display, the dining tables, as well as the dance floor. You can get fresh plumeria blooms or have plastic ones that can be later on be given away as souvenirs to your guests. hawaiia-pins

Flower Bobby pins

Simply glue silk flowers, fabric or plastic ones to bobby pins and have them available on the reception area of your party for your guests to use during the party. The male guests, on the other hand, can have flowers or shells pinned onto their dresses available in the entrance. These can be also considered as souvenirs or party favors..

Crown of flowers

Your guests of honor or yourself as the host of the party can don a crown of fresh flowers to be able to be easily identified from your party guests. Feel like a real Hawaiian princess as you enjoy the companionship of friends and loved ones in your authentic Luau party at home.


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