Aloha! All Party Things Hawaiian-inspired

hawaiiani-luau-palm-tree-scene-setterWhat better way to party tropics style than throwing an unforgettable luau party? Add colour to your backyard with Hawaiian leis, hula skirts, tiki torches, colourful piñatas, and of course, colourful cocktails. Make an unforgettable Hawaiian themed party with these party ideas and inspirations.

Colourful flip flops

You can find a wide range of flip flops styles and colours online. Your guests will have a pleasant welcome in this comfy footwear. You can custom make your own Hawaiian style flip flops by sticking colourful flowers on your usual flip flops using hot glue.

Cool down

Take away the heat with cool drinks covered in hula skirt inspired cozies. You can make these colourful mini beauties using grass laces or papier mâché. Dip them in water and hang them from necks of cans and bottles.

Colourful decorationsHawaiian-Flowers

There are plenty of areas to place your colourful flower leis. You can hang them on the fence, hang others on the gate. Have plenty of colourful balloons floating on the yard attached to short shrubs with strings.

Piñatas and balloonsmermaid-party-supplies

Use Hawaiian party balloons to decorate your Hawaiian luau themed party with grinning sharks, shimmering blue dolphins, floating seahorses in pinks and oranges, and richly coloured tropical fish. Latex balloons in bright jewel colours printed with palm trees and hibiscus flowers will be wonderful complements on the lawn.

Spoil your guests with treats from giant piñatas. Stand them in the lawn to watch out and offer surprises to adults and kids alike.

Tiki lighting

If your party goes into the evening, light up with Hawaiian inspired lights. Wrap banana stalks around your candle holders to make green lanterns. Use flaming torches set on long sticks in the ground to mark different pathways.

Hawaiian Party Ideas tikiPlace the guard

What is a luau party without the silent watchers? Make colourful totems and place them at the four corners of the yard. You can buy or make them yourself with ceramic vases.

Foods and drinks

Set the table with plenty of fresh fruits. Bananas, pineapples, oranges, strawberries, and other tropical fruits are good for this colourful set. Serve spicy food that is appropriate for all your guests. The yellows of curry will be very appetising. Complete the culinary delight with a variety of colourful cocktails.

Fun and games

Do not skip the limbo. Pick the most colourful lei as a prize for the one who goes lowest. Use a bamboo pole to set the bar. Hula hooping is simple, fun, and energetic. Dance the night away in true Hawaiian fashion.

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