Perfect Headdress Recommendations for Different Party Themes

Put on a hat and become anyone. You could be a pirate, judge, soldier, gangster, or even the pope. Headdress accessories are a must-have for a great party. Wearing different headdresses will give the party a colourful mix of characters and set the mood for party and games.

AncieRomanhelmetInternt themes

This theme is appropriate for both adults and children. Play ancient Egyptians like the pharaoh. You can have the great headgear of King Tutankhamen and have your queen wearing Nefertiti’s pointy crown. You can also play other ancient people like the Greeks and the Romans with the matching Corinthian helmets.

Military themes

Military themes can be modern or colonial and sailing themes. Wear the skull and bones to be a famous pirate like Blackbeard. You can also be a colonial general or a member of the resistance with a variety of colonial army headdresses.

Modern military themes are complemented with a variety of headwear including hard plastic helmets, hard hats and helmets, and camouflage cloth caps. You can be in the navy with the admiral’s cap on your head.

Famous Culture themesgambler hat

Famous culture-inspired accessories are a hit in many parties. Be Al Capone with a low set fedora. You can be the sheriff with a western style gambler hat. Get into the western cowboy/cowgirl theme with a variety of Stetsons and sombreros. Become the Brit gentleman with the classic bowler hat. Wear a tall top hat themed in the American flag colours and become Uncle Sam. Play the sheriff with the classic curly brimmed cowboy hat. You can be the law enforcing British bobby with the famous bobby hat.

Halloween themes

The scary holiday is the moment to come out in all kinds of shady, gross, and wacky headdresses. The classic N48751-witch-hat-with-hot-pink-featherswitch’s hat comes in a variety of colours, patterns, and styles. Wear a witch hat with colourful feather brim and be the cute witch. Wear the saggy pointed witch’s hat with cobweb patterns to be the evil witch. Wizard sorting hats are just as varied as the witches’ hats.

Wear a Halloween hat with scissors or cleaver axe attached and become an unfortunate murder victim walking with the gross head wound. There are also hats with spiders, snakes, and other scary critters.

There are thousands of party headdress and hats to choose from depending on the theme of the party. You can buy one of the many available on the net, and you can also make yours. Whatever it is, we highly suggest you get a headdress to accessorise your look.

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