Top Picks for Easter Egg Decorating and Costume this 2017

easter balloonEaster is just around the corner and to go with the tradition, decorating Easter eggs is a must. Parties and celebrations are also aplenty so you might want to consider donning a costume or two to blend in and simply enjoy the holiday. Here are some Easter egg decorating ideas and costumes you might want to consider as you celebrate Easter this 2017.

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Wooden and Geometric Eggs

To be able to present something unique but intricately stunning for this year’s Easter Egg decorating competition, you might want to consider doing a wooden geometric design on your Easter Egg. It’s unique and the texture will surely highlight the design on your egg. The good thing is that if these items are created out of wood, you can display them year after year, minus the cracks and dents. foil-board-easter-eggs

Fruit and Vegetable Eggs

Inspire your kids to get more creative with decorating their Easter eggs by making them look like fruits and vegetables. A few green, red, and yellow paint will do the job to transform these ordinary eggs into something quirky and colourful.

Baby Bird Nests

After painting dozens and dozens and eggs for your Easter, you many also need to have something creative to keep and store these beauties. Instead of the usual basket, you can create bird nests to store or display your Easter eggs. If crafted carefully and with the right material, you can also use this baby bird nests as ornaments you can use every Easter Holiday.

Mosaic Eggs

Sticking broken eggshells or old CDs onto your Easter eggs will create a beautiful mosaic pattern for your holiday treats. This modern design will definitely be a hit for your table centerpiece this Spring.

easter bunnyEaster Holiday Costumes

The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is the international icon for Easter celebration. You can dress in different ways but stick with the bunny-inspired look. You can simply wear bunny ears and a bunny tail or go as far as donning an Easter Bunny jumpsuit during the occasion. You can also opt for a modern Easter Bunny look like the ones featured in the movie Rise of the Guardians. If you are too busy to find or make a costume, a bunny ears headband can also help you pull-off the Easter Bunny look.

Be a Life-Sized Easter Egg

The Easter Egg is another iconic symbol of Easter. Simple come to a party dressed as an Easter Egg and have a blast while making the most out of this holiday.

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