Fresh Ideas for Easter Celebration

bunny ears on a headband pink and whiteOn the spiritual side, people commemorate Easter to the rising from the dead of Jesus Christ. Everyone finds meaning on the true essence of the resurrection and hold traditional activities significantly related to it. It’s a day to rejoice! For a change, people look for other ways to have fun and enjoy the Easter celebration. Family and friends gather. Children likewise, share in the fun and merriment.

With perfectly complementing party supplies, your Easter celebration is sure to be a blast.

Decorating the Easter Egg

Have only the fresh, clean, and unbroken eggs. Hard cook the egg in a saucepan with enough water that can cover the eggs by one inch. Heat and simmer for 10 minutes but do not boil. Put the cooked egg in a bowl of cold water for five minutes. Store at once in the refrigerator and use within the week. If about to use, bring out the eggs and leave at room temperature for 2 hours.

Easter Bonnets

Delight a girl by making her a straw bonnet with fancy colored ribbons. Fasten them at the top of the hat with matching thread or pins. Make one for mom also. Embellish a wide-brimmed straw bonnet with a Easter eggs with pretty sequin flowerswag of dried and/or fabric flowers glued to a ribbon. Finish by adding a trail of ribbon streamers to give an old-fashioned impression. When not in use, the hat can be hung as a wall or door décor. Otherwise, you can always get this pink and white bunny ears on a headband to make your costume stand out.

Have an Unusual Egg Hunt

Use these Easter eggs with pretty sequin flowers and fill with assorted candies or coins. Bible quotations can also be written on a piece of paper and place inside the egg. It can be read aloud together after the hunt. The game becomes fun as well as meaningful for everyone in the family.

An Easter Tree

Make a special Easter tree for the kids. Fill a small plastic bag with pieces of gum or candies and place inside a colored plastic egg. Tie a piece of yarn around the egg and tape the loop to the egg. Hang the loop on a branch of an indoor tree or a leafless branch stuck into a bucket with sand. Each child who bubble balloon - Easter bunnies and flowerscomes in gets to pick a surprise. You can also use bubble balloons – Easter bunnies and flowers, fashioning these into an Easter tree.

Easter Surprise Packages

Rather than a basket, have the Easter bunny carry a useful goodie holder, backpacks, bicycle baskets, lunch boxes or any receptacles that kids can find and thought that your children will feel the waster bunny considers them extra special.

Grandparents’ Easter Surprise

For a change, bring grandparents with Easter baskets of goodies such as a box of herbal teas, recipes, candies, small puzzle books, packets of seeds or what you think they fancy.

Easter Garden

Easter is also the arrival of spring. As a thoughtful gift during Easter, present a special person with a living Easter garden. Select colorful spring flowers like daffodils, violets, tulips, and crocuses. These Easter egg shaped Chinese paper lanternsare already in bloom. If the person is fond of gardening, it is best to give them bulbs in a decorative planter container wrapped in pastel-colored cellophane. Hang Easter egg shaped Chinese paper lanterns make the garden livelier.

Cupcake Nests

Have cupcakes ready. To transform it into cupcake “nests”, put lemon frostings on top. Let the kids roll them in coconut and sprinkle jellybean “eggs” on top. Spread the nests on this dazzle eggs plastic tablecover.

Have everyone enjoy the Easter celebration fun!


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