Make Your ANZAC Day Party Memorable

foil balloon - Australian FlagOn April 25, ANZAC day will be celebrated to commemorate valiant New Zealanders who were killed in war, as well as returned servicemen and women. Now is your chance to express your gratitude by preparing a special party centered on the ANZAC theme.

Planning your parties in advance is the surest way to make it successful. Such gatherings should be fun and should present good opportunities for celebrants and participants to mingle. With that in mind, keeping things organized from the beginning is essential towards having an effective event, and you can ensure this by having the right party supplies.

What are some considerations you need to remember when preparing a party? There are a lot and it helps to create your own checklist to ensure that you don’t forget about the things that matter most. Read on and we’ll provide you with basic party planning ideas.

Confirm the Date and Venue

patriotic red, white, blue Chinese lanternOf course, the initial step is to confirm the date of the event. With ANZAC Day being celebrated every April 25, you have three options. You can have the party before, immediately after, or on the day itself. You need to talk to your guests since they may be having their own celebrations, and the last thing you want is to have very few attendees in yours.

Make a Guest List

With the date and venue officially settled, making a guest list should be your next priority. Who do you plan to invite? How many are you expecting? Honestly answering these questions will help you determine the type of party you can hold, plus the budget you will need to spend.

Send Invitations

Sending invitations is the next part of the process. This one can be easily done because you can find many different invitation cards at the stores. Otherwise, you can decorate your own Australian flag-inspired invitations that coincide with your theme.

Get Busy with the Decorations

Australia print paper plateSince the theme of the party will focus on ANZAC Day, using party supplies with a touch of nationalism is the way to go. For instance, you can hang several foil balloons – Australian Flag inside your home. You can also hang these patriotic red, white, and blue Chinese lanterns outside your house, preferably on front porch, to show people you’re one in spirit with those celebrating ANZAC Day.

Choose Your Food and Drinks

A party is naturally incomplete without food and drinks. Now what you serve depends not only on the party’s theme. Since it’s ANZAC Day you will be celebrating, a barbecue seems like a fitting idea. Bring out the grill and whip up a delectable marinade, making sure you serve the yummy treats on Australia print paper plates. Keep your drinks chilled in this inflatable Aussie table top drinks cooler, and make sure drinks are overflowing.

No Costume, No Problem

Aussie flag wearable capeIf asking your guests to come in costumes is a tedious task, don’t fret. You can use Aussie flag wearable cape to wear for the party. Get several of those that you can give to guests, and those can double as your party token, too.

Send Thank You Notes

Finally, it’s time to express your appreciation by sending out some “thank you” notes to everyone who came over. Simple cards may only cost you a few dollars but they can mean a lot for those who receive them. This is your chance to thank them for their presence and for commemorating the special day with you.

Keep these simple tips in mind as you plan a memorable ANZAC Day party. With the right ANZAC Day party supplies, you can achieve a grand party even with just a few days’ worth of planning.

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