Big Wedding Ideas on a Tight Budget

When planning a wedding, the very first thing that planners need to consider is the budget. EverythingROCK CANDY THANK YOU MIX has a price, and the budget is somehow going to affect every little detail. This is a challenge to planners; how they can make the most out of the littlest budget. The answer to that very simple question is creativity. Sometimes, even the cheapest wedding decorations and supplies can add glamour to the wedding with a bit of imagination. Here are tips on how a planner can make the best wedding ideas despite a very tight budget.

The key to a successful wedding despite the tight budget is prioritization. Before spending your hard-earned money on your wedding, first decide on what are the most important or rather the most meaningful parts of the wedding that must always be on top of the list. Here are some tips on how planners can help their clients make priorities.

Go for Meaning and Let Go of Little Things

APOTHECARY JAR - BELLE GLASS CANISTEREngaged couples want only the best for wedding because they want it to be as special as it can be. This is that one day in their lives that they want to remember, and in the future, would want to tell the story to their kids. Nevertheless, the wedding can still be very memorable even though it is under budget. As much as possible, avoid the little things that are very unnoticeable when gone. Also, try canvassing before you buy the giveaways because there are many stores that differ in price. You may also opt for versatile giveaways, such as this apothecary jar –Belle glass canister that you can use as centerpieces. Fill them up with this rock candy thank you mix and they make for the best wedding tokens.

Find an Alternative to Wedding Decorations

Some couples go all-out on their wedding decorations, as if it’s the end-all and be-all of the wedding. It doesn’t have to be that way. As mentioned earlier, a bit of creativity goes a long way. For instance, a bunch of giant round confetti balloons may be tied together to create a whimsical decoration. They can also be used as props for the wedding photo shoot, as you can see in the picture.

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Flowers and Other Bright Wedding ideas

One of the reasons why weddings are so expensive is because flowers are costly especially if they are special or imported flowers. Look for ways on how you can cut down the flower costs. Instead of letting bridesmaids hold their own bouquets let them hold one lovely long stemmed flower instead. Another idea is that flowers are not the only things that are beautiful enough to be centerpieces in the table at the reception. There are a lot more substitutes that planners can choose from like fruits, potpourri, candles and many more. Otherwise, you can arrange a bunch of this pom pom fluffy tissue decoration and fashion the bunch into a unique floral arrangement.

Consider Second Hand Items

POM POM FLUFFY TISSUE DECORATION - BLACKTo some people, weddings are once-in-a-lifetime experiences; hence, the wedding things they purchase are only used once. Do you have married friends who some of their wedding paraphernalia that you can borrow or rent? There are many couples who do not know what to do with their wedding stuff like vases, glasses, knives, forks and spoons and many more and they are trying to sell these in garage sales and also even through the Internet.

There are many tips on how wedding planners and engaged couples can make the most out of the little budget they have. They only need to be creative, flexible, and most of all, they need to know what is important in wedding ceremonies. It is not about the flowers, the centerpieces, and it is also not about the band, but it is about love.

If couples and planners know these, then they are going to have lesser troubles in the decision making process because they know what must be on top of their lists. Finding big wedding ideas despite a very tight budget can be very doable with a little creativity and heaps of help from friends and family. It also pays to know where to look for the perfect and most affordable party supplies so you can get the most out of your budget.


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