Fancy Outfits You Should Have for this Coming Oktoberfest 2016

Oktoberfest is not just about the beer, the great food, and the celebration. It is also about the crazy and fun costumes that come with the festivities. Almost everyone that attends Oktoberfest in Munich comes dressed in Bavarian outfits and other traditional Munich costumes that definitely make the celebration even more colorful.

oktoberfest-male-outfitDressing traditionally for the event allows you to easily blend in and feel less of a tourist while enjoying the crowd. Although most of the crowd would be Germans, you can feel the part and really get to enjoy an authentic experience by dressing up just like how the locals do. Referring to a clothing guide will help you dress up for Oktoberfest with ease.

Outfits for Women

There are many variations of the Oktoberfest outfit when it comes to women. You can stick with the traditional outfit or the modern costumes available for women. However, a tight fitting Bavarian Dirndl dress with an apron tied to it is a staple among Oktoberfest celebrations not only in Munich but the rest of the world. You can be a little bit sexy by showing of more cleavage or go comfortable and simply with a modest top at a considerable length. American girls usually wear their dresses a little bit sexier and shorter than most of the locals.oktoberfest-female-outfit

Dirndl Bows are also a staple for the Oktoberfest costume. The bow of the apron that comes with your dress is usually tied on the front. However, tying it on your left side means that you are single, the right side indicates that you are in a relationship and in the middle means that you are a virgin.

It would be advisable to avoid open-toed shoes during the festivities because a lot of glass usually breaks during the drinking spree. You can either wear flats or boots or whichever you might find comfortable.

Outfits for Men

Men, on the other hand, have straightforward outfits compared to women when it comes to costumes for Oktoberfest. A typical male costume is made up of a button-up shirt which can either be white or checkered. They are more traditional, thus accessorised with the leather Lederhosen shorts with suspenders and the Alpine hat. They also wear sturdy Bavarian shoes for the occasion.

alpine-hatMen can also opt for the longer version of the leather shorts which is the Plattlerhosen that goes below the knee or the Bundhosen that are as long as capri-styled pants. You can get Halloween costumes for your bottoms but most of them do not have the standard 2-3 pockets that authentic Lederhosen pants have.

You can also wear vest and jackets together with ties for the Oktoberfest party. The vests are called Prien and can be word instead of the usual suspenders.

Lastly, it is all about comfort and function when it comes to dressing up for these festive event. Remember to stick with a shoe and a pair of clothing that you would enjoy walking around and dancing with rather than sticking with the modern or traditional outfit that can deprive you from getting the best out of your Oktoberfest experience.

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