Travel Tips for Your Authentic Oktoberfest Party in Europe

In a few days, we can all see ourselves standing at the busy crowd of Munich while waiting for the Lord Mayor of Munich to yell “O’zapft is!” (“It is open!”) to the joyous screaming crowd in the Schottenhamel tent. Great beer will start to flow and endless entertainment and fun would keep the locals and tourist entertained all night long.oktoberfest-viking-hat

Even with border controls up, Munich’s Oktoberfest is still a sight and an event worth spending your annual leaves. Besides the beer, the colorful costumes, the great music and the sumptuous food, here are other things to look forward to as you visit and enjoy spending time in Germany in this time of the year.

Great affordable accommodations

You can consider your Oktoberfest as a backpacking trip especially when you are on a budget. Thus cheap but comfortable accommodations should be a priority. If you plan to splurge your budget on the great beers available in the event, cutting off a few dollars from your accommodations would be a nice idea. Book as early as possible to be able to get the best deals available from your hotel. Check out AirBnb for cheaper options of split the bill together with your friends.

Free things to do in Munichoktoberfest-table-ware

You can enjoy the rest of Munich without breaking your budget by trying out free walking tours available in the area. These tours are usually tip-based and features that main sights in the historic city center of the area. Simply visit the Marienplatz near the large column around 10:45am to 2pm in the afternoon to experience the free tours.

Great sights to visit

There are also a lot of places you can visit and see while visiting Munich not only during Oktoberfest but all-year round. Do not miss the Rathaus-Glockenspiel and the Frauenkirche Cathedral located nearby. The cathedral features that said “devil’s footprint.” Enjoy the flora and fauna of the area as you visit the Englischer Garten, a huge park located in the city center.  You can even spot some naked men sunbathing in the area.

You can also consider getting a beer at the Chinesischer Turm which is a favorite alternative place you can visit to enjoy beer if the Oktoberfest venue is packed. Interested in surfing? Try out the stationary wave featured at the Eisbach River.oktoberfest-beer

Beer-Infested Tourist Hot Spots

Beer overflows everywhere in Munich. You can learn more about Bavarian beer and dishes via the Bavarian Beer and Food Evening Tour. Fill your belly with delicious cuisine offered at the Munich Bavaria Food Walking Tour before later on enjoying great beer at the halls. Know the best beers around the city when you try out the Brewery & Beer Tour Plus Express Hop-on Hop-off Tour.

Pace yourself, learn a few of the language and enjoy authentic German hospitality backed up with great beer and festive delicacies as you experience the best Oktoberfest, right at the heart of the feast, in Munich, Germany.

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