Giving a New Twist to Your Party Recipes

image001The key to a successful bash lies on smart planning and creativity. Even if you’re running tight on budget, you can still host a party with great aplomb. An important element that needs careful planning is the type of food to be served which guests can truly enjoy. Deciding and creating party foods need not be complicated and expensive. Thankfully, there are many food ideas that are simple to make yet big on taste and guarantee to satisfy hungry guests of all ages.

Here are some tasty recipes that can be prepared in a few steps using basic ingredients.

Inexpensive Upscale Finger Foods: There’s no need to serve caviar and champagne to make an impression because you can serve high-end foods like the Italian appetizer bruschetta without spending an arm and a leg. Simply boil tomatoes in water for at least two minutes. Remove from water then peel the skin off. Combine with 1/4 cup olive oil, 3 cloves of garlic, 3 tablespoons of oregano, a handful of fresh basil, and mix well. Serve on open toasted French bread.

Wow guests with your own delightful version of gourmet tacos. Instead of ground beef, make a fancy filling of grilled shrimp. Guests can have something that’s truly healthy and, though these tacos are not as messy as the beefy counterpart is, make sure to provide many coloured napkins that match the party theme for wiping off juicy morsels from the face.

Spicy Appetizer: Even kids will love this flavorful sausage cheese dip. All you need is a crock-pot to melt together a pound of cooked breakfast sausage, 2-pound block of processed cheese, a can of cheese soup, and a can of diced tomatoes. If you want a bit of spiciness, add spicy diced tomatoes or nacho cheese soup. For stronger flavor, pickled or fresh jalapeno peppers can be added. Stir the mixture occasionally. Once melted, set the pot on the table for everyone to help himself or herself dip their favorite nacho or tortilla chips.

image004Flurry of Mini Sandwiches: Allow guests to stack up sub sandwiches slices on their coloured plates. Line up a platter with an assortment of sandwiches filled with combination of meats, cheeses, and dressings to suit anyone’s taste. Slice submarine buns into small pieces and tuck them with toothpicks that guests can use to pluck additional meat slices of ham, cheese, and toppings like olives, tomatoes, etc.

Main Courses that Cost Less: Plan for an impressive main course without breaking the bank. Skip the filet mignon and smoked meal platters. Consider serving roasted ham or turkey, which are both substantial and cheaper cuts of meat. Present the main courses with flair by pairing them off with expensive food item or presenting them in fancy fashion. How about tempting guests with meat slices and Capri salad, or braised beef casserole in sourdough bread bowl? Whatever you choose to serve, give a totally new exciting twist to it.

Chocolate Feast: Nothing beats the pleasure of indulging in something chocolate-y after eating a bonanza of satisfying dishes. Chocolates are always a host’s best friend when it comes to dessert because they can be image006easily served in various forms, from mini-cakes, sundaes, fondues, drinks, or as plain candies.

If you don’t have much time to prepare, opt for instant chocolate mixes that can be whipped up and placed in the oven to create perfect cakes in less than thirty minutes. If you want to encourage mingling among your guests, set up a fondue of bittersweet chocolate or include a chocolate bar for make-your-own sundae activity. A few gallons of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with several toppings can go a long way in breaking the cold ice between your guests. Place lots of disposable party drink ware nearby to let guests know they can always go back to refill their cups.

Hosting a party and making it memorable lies in your ability to give a new twist to something ordinary and make it extraordinary. Whether it’s a casual party or a grand bash, pay attention to the little details and kick them up to a higher level. Shopping for all your party supplies in a one-stop online shop is one way to achieve a good jumpstart.

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