Halloween Costume Ideas for Men and Women

image001Many individuals are facing many concerns regarding what costume they will wear during Halloween. Halloween is a special day where numerous events are scheduled from a simple trick-or-treat, Halloween parade to dazzling, wild and horrifying night parties.

Wearing of costumes every Halloween is a tradition practiced by many. There are endless Halloween costume ideas that can be used for the big day. Having a problem for the big night of Halloween? Here are some of the best Halloween costume ideas you may want to consider.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

1. Magic Mike – For those men with muscles to show-off, one of the great ideas for Halloween costume is becoming a male stripper. Admit it, at some point in your life you wished to be a male stripper and Halloween can make your inner desire into reality. Yes, the Magic Mike inspired costume with just a male vest, sexy shorts, black long boots and some added paraphernalia used in male stripping is an idea you may want to consider.

2. Zombie – Who wants brain? Oozing blood and some shattered inner guts props – a living dead eating-flesh-zombie is a top of the line idea for a Halloween costume. Check out Parties Online for their High School Horror Zombie costume. With a little artistic zombie make-up kit, torn outfit image003and the guts to walk like a zombie, you can definitely enjoy a Halloween treat.

3. Superhero – Every kid and man dreams not only to be a hero, but a superhero. Another Halloween costume ideas that men must consider is a superhero outfit whether it be Superman, Batman, Ironman, Captain America or your very own selected hero alias such as Major Jeez, being a superhero will do the trick. There are many pre-tailored superhero outfits or customized hero outfits being sold in the market.

4. Villain – If you are not too superhero friendly, a great idea is to be the villain that lurks on every corner. Being the bad or the evil guy in Halloween is not that bad, it can actually bring excitement throughout the event. This is a great idea to be considered.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

image0051. Too Hot To Handle – This idea is considered classic that women wear during Halloween events and parties. The very own sexy costumes can be a highlight during Halloween parties. Oh, yes! Who does not love and appreciate watching sexy costumes that include the sexy nurse, sexy nun, sexy French maid, and sexy teacher? With that said, a little spice and everything nice brings something extra into every Halloween costume event. Just remember, this is not pornography, it is just a Halloween costume.

2. Testosterone Attack – Ideas that many have been waiting to experience is the testosterone attack costume ideas for Halloween. It is a concept that brings famous male characters into female spin-off. Women will portray famous male characters such as Edward Scissorhands, Thor, Mad Hatter and other masculine character.

3. Goddess Of Beauty – Every woman is beautiful, there is no doubt about that. For the upcoming special occasion such as Halloween, a great idea to enhance the outer beauty of a woman is by introducing the image007goddess of beauty costume. The ideas of being the Halloween Goddess of Beauty is unlimited, better start doing some research.

4. Movie/Celebrity Inspired Costume – One of the top ideas that are popular during Halloween costume parties is taken from a movie scene. Some examples are the Black Swan by Natalie Portman with her twisted ballerina world and black ballet dress or one of Lady Gaga’s eccentric costumes. It can be appealing to try the powerful futuristic outfit of Elysium’s Secretary Delacourt (Jodi Foster) in the movie of Elysium.

There are a lot of Halloween costume ideas that can be utilized for parties or events and discussed above are some suggestions.

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