Make Your Son’s Birthday a Touchdown with an AFL-Themed Party

An Australian Football League-themed birthday party should be a perfect treat for any kid who loves Australia’s number one sport. The question now is how you are going to make it a touchdown. In order to meet your goal (no pun intended), the key is to make the party as unique as possible. The good news is that you don’t really need to spend that much to come up with the perfect AFL-themed party. With a bit of creativity and help from the following tips and ideas, you can have an Aussie Football League party for your son that everybody will remember.

Coach’s Drawing Board Invites

The invitations should set the mood for the event, so make sure these are unique to wow your guests. For an AFL-themed party, you could use a coach’s drawing board-inspired invites. The invites alone should give your guests an idea of what the party is about, what the ambience will be, and what attire they should wear, and whether they should bring food or not. The invites should include the following details:

  • Type and Theme of the Party
  • Name of Celebrant
  • Date of the Event
  • Venue of the Party
  • What to Wear (Indicate if guests will be required to wear costumes)
  • RSVP Contact Information

You can have the invitations printed or you can have them handwritten, gives a more personal feel to the invites.

Colors That Represent

Aussie football is all about representing your club. If your child already has a favourite club, it would be an excellent idea to use party colors that represent that team. For instance, if he were an avid fan of the Sydney Swans, it would make sense to use red and white for the party decors, since those two major colors represent the said club. Alternatively, you can also choose non-club specific colors. You can even ask the guests to come dressed in their own favourite club’s jersey! That way, everybody wins!

Football-Shaped Balloons

image001It’s a football-themed party, so it only makes sense to use football-shaped balloons! Your only concern now is whether you should get a latex balloon, a Mylar or foil balloon, or a bubble balloon. You should also consider using a giant or a gliding balloon. Keep in mind, too, that helium balloons require weights to stay in place.

Football Field Party Table

Nothing is cleverer than a food table that is designed as a football field. Instead of using an ordinary party tablecloth, use real grass instead. You may need to get your hands dirty for this one and may even need some landscaping skills, but the unique effect will surely make a lasting impression on your guests.

Life-Size Cut Out

image003Speaking of unique, one of the ways to make your child’s AFL-themed party stand out is by displaying a life-size cut out of your kid’s favourite player right at the entrance with a life-size standee of himself next to it.

Australian Football League-Themed Food

Since it’s a kid’s party, you would want to keep the menu as simple as possible, but don’t forget to add a touch of uniqueness by decorating the food AFL style. By that, we mean shaping the cake like a football, or designing it like a football field. Football-shaped cookies and candies would also be excellent additions to the unique menu.

Finally, to help burn some of the calories, have a real game of Australian football after the party. It’s up to you how you’re going to customize the game, as long as all the guests get to play, have a feel of your own version of AFL, and fully enjoy the celebration.

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