Party Essentials to have Middle Ages Fun in the 21st Century

image001A Medieval party is the perfect theme to choose when you want to take the party outdoor and relive the lore of kings, queens, knights, castles and dungeons, while you and your guests don fancy Medieval costumes. Medieval theme is so much fun that’s why many people often decided on it when planning a themed party. In fact, there is one annual event celebrated in Perth called the Perth Medieval Fayre. This event celebrated in March features sword fighting, fencing displays, artisans, workshops, crafts, medieval singers and musicians. Everybody can come in medieval costumes and enjoy medieval dancing plus belly dancers, sword swallower, court jester, jugglers, circus acts, and so much more.

Organize Your Own Medieval Party

With a little bit of creativity, you can be transported to the Middle Ages if you have the key to a time machine that can help you organize a party with a Medieval theme. This party theme is ideal for boys and girls of all ages. You only need to be faithful to what the period represents to achieve Middle Ages fun in contemporary time.

Here are the essential party ingredients in throwing a medieval party.

image003Invitations: Invite your subjects to the royal party in the kingdom by sending out Medieval party graph. Your guests will read your proclamation by unfurling the rolled invitation tied with gold and red ribbons. Slightly burn the edges to give the graph an extra aged look. Use calligraphy font to write all the party details and to ask guests to come in medieval costumes. Make sure to invite the right type of people that will be interested in things Medieval.

Send out the invitations at least two weeks ahead to provide guests plenty of time to organize their outfit. You can start planning your menu and table setting according to the number of guests who confirmed their attendance.

Decorations: Lead the guests to the royal banquet by lining the entrance with Medieval pennant banners. Welcome them through a Medieval door cover as if they are to ascend stairs lighted by torches. Place herald trumpet cut outs above each two court jester jointed cut outs in both sides of the door to announce the arrival of the royal guests.

image005Wow the knights and dames as they enter the main area where the action is going to happen. Fill the space with stone wall and dirt floor backdrop, castle door and window props, and castle window instant scene setters to get your guests in party mood of olden time. For a complete Medieval feel, intersperse royal cut outs across the faux stone walls in the party area. Accent the entire area with Medieval whirls and other cheap decorative items like earthenware jars and quilted tapestries to convert the garden into a grand hall. Drape any plush chair with red velvet and set up the seat at the head of the table or room to enthrone the honored guest of the party.

Menu: Whether you planned for a banquet or buffet, keep the menu simple. Medieval feasts were simple in terms of food preparation and cooking. If you want it to fit for kings and queens, set up a cooking area for roasting whole chicken and chunks of beef and pork. While waiting for the grilled goodies, lead guests to a bar-style counter filled with variety of toppings for a “create-your-own” appetizer and soup. When the roasts are done, serve them with variety of sauces and side dishes with choices of image007toppings. For dessert, a castle-shaped or coat of arms-shaped cake is a sure hit among the guests.

Serve drinks that were toasted during the Medieval period. Drink and be merry gulping mulberry gin and blackberry wine poured in jewelled royal goblet. For non-alcoholic drinkers, offer beverages of chilled natural apple or grape juice in kegs.

Entertainment: Generally, bringing in medieval entertainment can be simple depending on the age of your guests and the party setting. For a Medieval banquet in which guests are seated most of the time, play some Renaissance music that suits the mood. Once dining is over, let some image009ceilidh music like waltz drift in the air to get your guests moving up and swaying to the rhythm. You can also hire musicians to play musical instruments such as accordion and harp to serenade the party.

To spice up the atmosphere, stage a dragon egg hunt and castle building using sugar cubes. Provide knights swords to give the valiant cavaliers the chance to slay the dragon piñata. For less active guests, organize a medieval themed quiz. One last fun activity is to hire medieval entertainers like jesters, jugglers, and fire-eaters.

Now that everything is set for your medieval party, you can focus on planning what to wear to stand out. At you can choose from the wide range of middle ages costume to transport you in time to welcome your guests to the royal banquet you’ve carefully planned, and one that all your guests will always remember when they go back to the present time.

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