Winter Wonderland Party Ideas to Have a Grand Welcome for the Cold Season

image001Who says winter is a dreary, bitter time to spend most of your waking hours trapped in the cold weather blues? Snap out from your boring hiatus and consider hosting a type of party that celebrates the best of what the season brings. Shrug off those inactive flabs to transform your home into a warm atmosphere to welcome guests braving in from the whistling climate.

A Winter Wonderland is just the ideal party theme to warm the cockles of everyone’s heart. It’s the perfect backdrop to celebrate your kid’s birthday with lots of fun no matter how punishing the weather is. Like summer and spring parties, a Winter Wonderland theme offers numerous ideas for décor schemes, food and drinks, entertainment, and other party-related essentials that can highlight the sparkling beauty of winter. Thankfully, you don’t need to venture out into the cold to find your resources because all it takes to get your Winter Wonderland Party Supplies is to shop from a one-stop online party supply store.

Using Winter Wonderland as a theme is definitely a cool idea. There are many options to consider, but here are the best of what you can use in hosting an event that guests will long remember even after all the snow had melted away.

  • image003Let It Snow: This party theme embraces everything about winter, from the invitations with glued gold, white and silver snowflakes to the snowman cut out positioned by the doorway. Fill the room with snowflake swirl decorations and tape snowman window cling so children don’t have to look outside for the real guy. For the warming activities, make sure there are lots of marshmallows and toothpicks once “build a snowman” contest starts. Another game to play is pin the carrot sticks on the snowman and snowwoman scene setter that allows two kids to play simultaneously. Plan for a menu associated with the season like hot meatballs and sausages, and hot chocolate with a stick of mint candy for a stirrer. The cake can be layers of white frosting with added gum jellies to serve as eyes and nose. Fill pale blue polka dot loot bags with a package of hot chocolate mix and other stuff children crave for during cold days.
  • Winter Olympics: Utilize the unique aspects of the season when image005planning a memorable party for your kid. Winter is the only time to play a few special games so form games and competitions inspired by the events in the winter Olympics. Create an atmosphere with an Olympic spirit by hanging crepe paper streamers or filling the area with balloons and ribbons in the color of the Olympic rings. Host a ceremony to award the winners in the snowball-throwing, sled racing, and snow-mound jumping events. Be ready to feed the hungry Olympians with savory pastries, macaroni and cheese, and choices of cold and warm beverages.
  • Snow Art: Unleash the creative energy of kids by holding a snow image007sculpting contest at your Winter Wonderland party. Assign an area for each child to work on. Provide lots of costume pieces and accessories such as feather boas, novelty glasses, and party masks. Supply participants with decorative elements like plastic shovels and buckets, beads, and flowers. Reserve some exciting rewards for kids who are able to construct the most creative snow sculpture within your set time frame. Make sure nobody goes home with an empty stomach after feasting on the line up of winter foods you’ve prepared such as chips and hot spinach dip, image009bacon and cheddar muffins, mini pizzas, and baked custard. Cold water and sodas are must-haves for activity-packed parties, but it is also best to serve hot chocolates to warm the kids and energize them more.

Celebrating a child’s birthday and throwing a party in the cold winter months can be daunting as the season tends to keep everyone tucked at home. However, with some planning and creativity, you can awaken sleepy heads and dare them to come out and have fun in your kid’s Winter Wonderland birthday party.

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