Poker-Themed Party for Uncle’s 30th Birthday

A poker night is a unique and fun party theme. With a little bit of creativity, you can throw one for your brother, male cousin or guy friend’s 30th birthday without having to spend much. Here’s how you can host a poker-themed party with a few simple DIY ideas.

20324430Playing Card Centrepiece/Holder

Centrepieces are not only for adorning the guests’ tables. They can be used for holding finger foods or utensils. With a few playing cards, you can come up with fun and unique centrepieces. To create one, simply bend several pieces of card and attach each one to another in the pattern you design using hot glue. You can tie a ribbon around the cards to hold them together and as an embellishment. Use the finished products for holding utensils or pretzel rods.

Drink Umbrellas

Party cocktail drinks are not complete unless they’re served with drink umbrellas. You can come up with your own drink umbrellas poker-style. To make one, simply cut a circle out of a playing card. If you could find a circle-shaped deck, the better. Use a pair of scissors to cut a slit at the radius of the card, and then fold it over and attach the edges using glue or double-sided tape. With a dab of glue, attach a toothpick or BBQ skewer to it, and presto! You have a drink umbrella.

A13275hPoker Party Banner

Broadcast the festivities by hanging a party banner in one of the corners of the party venue. A DIY banner would be simple to make and won’t take a lot of time and money. Simply print out the birthday message at the size and font you desire. Cut out the words and glue them to any decorative paper of your choice. Add some cut out images of poker chips and playing cards and glue to the banner, too. Complete the banner by attaching it to a ribbon and hanging it on the wall. You can also add a picture of the birthday celebrant if you wish. What’s more is that you can create several of these banners but in various sizes and use them in embellishing the guests’ table, the cocktail table, and the main table for the party food.

Lucky Chip Party Favours

You can easily order personalised chips online, but you’d be able to save money if you do this project yourself. You’ll need poker chips, of course, and some glue. But first, you’ll need to think of a design and create it on your computer. Make sure it’s a bit smaller than the poker chip. Print out the design and glue them on the poker chips after cutting them out. Let the glue dry and insert each chip into transparent polyethylene bags. Create a personalised tag and either staple them or insert them into the bags.

Giant-playing-cardsPlaying Card Raffle Game

It’s up to you whether you’d host a poker game during the party, but one fun activity you can do is a raffle game. As soon as guests arrive, hand each of them a piece of playing card. Don’t tell them what the cards are for until the end of the party where you announce the winner of the evening’s raffle game.

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