Professional Party Planning Tips for Your Corporate Events

image001The corporate world is much concerned in providing entertainment to both employees and clients. Corporate events assume all forms and include many facets to solidify productivity and profits. A simple dinner with live music is a great way to reward, revivify, and inspire employees when it comes to efficiency. On the other hand, a grand fundraising event can be a company’s approach to increase its fold with more potential clients.

Even for the most experienced planner or host, planning a corporate event can be the most challenging and stressful of all. You’ll have your hands full in every step of the way, but it doesn’t mean you can’t face up to the task entrusted on you. Many things have to be taken into consideration, so here are big tips to help you run the show without a hitch and make the Big Boss truly proud for putting you at the helm.

• Set the Budget. It is important to know the event goals so you can prioritize expense items. A well-presented budget line-up tells top executives that you are listening and you’re capable of meeting the overall objectives with stretched out dollars to accommodate even some unexpected extra expenses.

• Plan Ahead. Regardless of event, an early jump-start gives you a convenient lead. Identifying and securing where and when as far in advance as possible ensures that you get the place and time you want. Locate your venue and reserve it before another company takes it. Know exactly what the venue has to offer in terms of accessibility, parking, party area, utility space, and more. From there you can create a timeline image003working backward starting from the date of the actual event.

• Design the Event around a Theme. Each event caters to different goals, and you can transform the entire scene with a personal touch by working along some sort of theme. While it is simpler to keep things elegant with basic party accessories and decorations, fun elements can be incorporated with details from themes such as Hollywood Movie and Awards Night, Hippie Retro Party, or Wild, Wild West Cowboy Groove. The key to a no-stress party planning is to shop for all appropriate party supplies from a one-stop online shop.

• Send out Invites in Advance. Party rules dictate that invitations must be sent out at least a month prior to the event. For better turnout, schedule the event on a weekend or far from any major holiday. However, if the date falls on hectic party season, it is best to send the “Save the Date” and RSVP cards a few months in advance to allow people to determine their availability and confirm their attendance. Create a final guest list as basis for seating charts and menu planning.

• Create Committees. Form subcommittees and assign tasks you know they can adeptly perform. You can’t be in all places at all times so delegate some jobs to persons with characteristics based on responsibility, creativity, and commitment.

• Save on Food Costs. Compare price matrix submitted by caterers and choose the best offer that fits your budget needs and menu requirements without sacrificing quantity and quality. The menu doesn’t need to be boring and unsatisfying, so make sure to have a good mix of different menus, from fancy to non-vegetarian dishes. Light foods such as cocktail sandwiches and fruit juices are ideal for daytime conference. Heavier dishes like pasta, rice, dripping meats and deep-fried foods with rich gravies can be served after a serious day’s work at the office.

image005Entertain the Crowd. Help keep the fun rolling along from each table end up to the front stage. Place fun facts and information sheets related to the company event theme. Lay them beside table centrepieces to ignite conversation amongst tablemates. Draw the crowd’s attention to the performing talents, which to everybody’s surprise are untapped geniuses from within the company. Consider also local bands or school groups to provide entertainment within your budget range. Plan for some team building games and exercises to develop camaraderie and communication among employees and motivate them. Safe-proof the venue, and take extra care in implementing physical activities.

Event planning is not that difficult. Although it can involve lots of planning and truckload of details, you can be successful in putting up an event for employees and clients to enjoy and have fun. Most of all, you can use it as an opportunity to make the Big Boss look good while making rounds to appreciate all your hard work. As you receive congratulatory comments, you can let your hair down and have a blast at your own party with nary a tinge of stress.

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