Romantic Ideas for a Valentine’s Party for Two or More

image001Will it delight you to know that you’re not alone in feeling the pressure in planning a romantic Valentine’s party? Just trying to figure out how to transform a night into a romantic evening leaves many love struck folks like you into anything but whimsical. Nevertheless, you can be ahead of the game if you know how to make a good head start. Doing what you can do in advance gives you a comfortable advantage than setting off to accomplish your ideas when February 14 comes knocking at your door.

What are the ingredients to cook up the most romantic Valentine’s party? The answer lies on the person or people you’re planning the party for. A one-size-fits-all romantic evening on hearts’ day is practically non-existent because every bit of element that goes into your preparation has a personal touch to it.

Whether you’re planning for a romantic dinner for two, or a match-making party for all your single friends, an easy and smart way to plan for a Valentine’s party that can make anyone’s heart goes pitter-patter is to explore what an online party supplies shop can offer you in terms of ideas and provisions. This does not only relieve you from stress, but you’re sure to find the complete range of party supplies you need to make the occasion more perfect and memorable.

  • Announce the Red-Colored Affair. It helps to create a guest list to determine image003the number of invites to send out. The invitation serves to provide hints on what to expect based on the dominant party theme spelled out on it. Show off your ingenuity by making the invitation cards yourself by placing pictures of famous couples and their love quotes. Place each card inside red polka dot loot bag filled with red-colored goodies and tied with red metallic ribbon. Deliver the invites personally at least two week before the party to make sure your guests get them ahead of other parties.
  • Pick the Party Theme. You don’t have to be reminded about the color theme or focal point of a Valentine’s Day party to make it speak volume about romance. Having a theme will harmonize all the elements you want to bring in. Some popular themes to consider include famous head over heels in-love couples, blind date for singles, unattached soiree, or Greek toga for both couples and eligibles. The theme encourages guests to dress up according to the motif you selected for the event.
  • Choose and Setup the Venue. The choice of venue depends on who you’re entertaining. If the special someone wants tons of privacy and just you, home or a secluded place becomes the best venue to hold your private affair. However, if you’re inviting the gang, you can prep up the shack for a raucous shindig of merry matchmaking. Alternatively, you can spread out a rectangular red tablecover for an outdoor picnic on a camp or forest reserve. If you prefer a more subdued gathering, you can setup the TV room for a viewing marathon of timeless love flicks.

image007The decorations rely heavily on the nature of your theme. If it’s just between you and your beau, create an ambiance lit by a handful of scented tea candles in ivory cupid and rose candle holders alongside a bouquet of red roses as centerpiece of your intimate dinner for two. On the other hand, a Valentine’s Day bash for friends and family calls for some brilliant decorating ideas to transform the venue into a real party zone. Valentine’s Day balloons, bouquets, table weights and heart cut-outs are traditional trimmings. However, you can upscale the look by rolling out a pink mock carpet runner for your blushing guests to walk on as you lead them into an arena with hanging heart foil swirls, Valentine’s Day pennant banners, and a giant banner that denotes what the happy occasion is all about.

  • Serve Recipes Meant for Lovers. This is to prove that the surest way to win image006hearts is to please the taste buds and fill the stomach. It best applies when you’re having a romantic dinner with the most significant person in your life. Dish out his/her favorite recipe of lemony prawn bruschettas and seared beef with mushrooms. Don’t forget aphrodisiacs in the likes of fresh oysters, dark chocolate truffles, and sparkling champagne.

If you’re partying with a bunch of pals, order what everyone enjoys best, such as pizza and pasta. It’s also an opportunity to woo that somebody with your own home-cooked chicken cordon bleu, tortilla chips with 5-layer Mexican dip, and chocolate covered strawberries. Complement the meal with champagne and other cocktail drinks embellished with carved fruits.

It’s always a nice gesture to send guests home on a sweet note. Just as you announced the party with a loot bag of goodies, you can end the festivity in the same manner by filling pale pink polka dot loot bag with heart-shaped chocolates and cookies for guests to bring home all the sweet memories. However, if you’re concluding a quiet, romantic dinner with a cherished person, the best way is to hang a “don’t disturb” sign at the door to make sure you achieve a snuggly finale to a passionate night.

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