The Last Shot Before the Knot: Epic Buck’s Night Party Ideas

It’s not difficult to find party venues for a buck’s night when you’re in Australia. Whether you’re looking for a big-ticket party or want something that’s laid back and won’t cost much, you can be sure to find the perfect party for your gang.

red-racing-car-foil-balloonPorsche Sports Ride

Porsche drives have been among the most-preferred destinations for stag parties for the past decade. If your guy is seriously into cars, consider taking him to one and let him drive one of the most coveted brands of sports car in the world. Yep, it’s a bit of a costly activity, but for your groom, you’d want nothing but the most comfortable and stylish experience that’s sure to leave an impression.

Rent A Jet (A Jet Boat, At Least)

If your man is in for an afternoon of action-packed water adventure, go ahead and organise a water sports activity for the whole crew. Some tours let you combine an electrifying jet boat ride with a helicopter flight that allows you to experience Australia’s coasts. The adrenaline rush of the jet boat ride will surely get rid of those cold feet!

beergoggles2Beer Garden Party

Speaking of beer, throw your buck’s night the traditional way with an evening beer garden party. Just because the party is in the garden doesn’t mean you won’t need any preparations. It’s a buck’s night, so it has to be extra special. Start off by hanging a unique outdoor sign that says, “Beer Garden.” Do away with the neon beer sign, though. Instead, decorate the garden with beer-themed items, such as banners made from malt bags, for instance. And aside from the beer and pretzels, don’t forget the lanterns and the candles to light up the place when it gets dark.

Paintball Party

Shooting games like paintball give men the opportunity to release an aura of aggression Men simply love to shoot, and your guy does, too, for sure. And what better way to let him embrace his inner Rambo than with a game of paintball? Take the whole gang into battle at the best paintball park in your area and let them enjoy two hours of 500 paintballs. Afterward, head to the nearest brasserie for some beer and dinner.

swashbucklinblackHome Away From Home

You can turn your buck’s night into a weekend-long party by renting a small house or large apartment on the beach or any quick getaway destination. You can come up with a theme for the evening or even not. But whether things are kept simple or fancy, one advantage of this setup is that when everyone’s finished partying for the evening, you can all just head to bed instead of drive home drunk.

Whitewater Rafting

Another wild water adventure you can try for a buck’s party is a whitewater rafting adventure. You can choose your route of choice and the difficulty of the course. As the sun sets, you can head back to base to warm yourselves with a sauna bath. Grab some beer at the bar afterward or hit the town for some night fun.


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